Welcome to my ” FOR FITNESS” page. PLEASE keep in mind I am not a certified or licensed trainer other than a ranking Figure Skating Coach. So PLEASE, if you have any underlying health issues, please seek medical advise before trying any exercise I have posted. These videos are NOT workout routines or anything remotely like that. Just me doing my thing!

My main goal is to try and bring some kind of motivation, to help get you off the couch and to get moving (especially during trying times when it is easy to fall into depression etc.).

VIDEO 1 April 14, 2020

VIDEO 2 APRIL 27, 2020

VIDEO 3 MAY 12, 2020

VIDEO 4 MAY 15, 2020

VIDEO 5 MAY 16, 2020

VIDEO 6 MAY 17, 2020

VIDEO 7 JUNE 10, 2020