First of all, my thoughts prayers and well wishes are with President Trump, the First Lady and Hope. But, it didn’t take long for the far out Lefts to jump on the bandwagon and damn them all to Hell. This included Governor Wolf. Let’s see, is he not the same man who marched with BLM? … More THE WINNING CARD!


I cannot say that 2020 has been all bad. But I can say that transition sucks! Going from the old to the new, can be quite frustrating. So, much so, one might think of giving up the upgrade and go back to the former things. Don’t do it! The Bible states in Isaiah 43:18-19, “Remember … More WATER INTO WINE!


Recently, I watched a very disturbing video posted on Facebook, in regard to a protest by Leslie Sabatino from Hanover. Permits were issued for a peaceful protest via the borough, which every citizen has that right. I am not arguing that point. What I am addressing is, the screaming of foul language in front of … More A PEACEFUL PROTEST?


Re: “Lutheran Leaders Respond to Senator Mastriano” To All It May Concern: July 31, 2020 This letter is in response to the deliberate and unwarranted attack by Lutheran pastors, against PA State Senator Douglas Mastriano. As a Christian myself, after reading your remarks, I was left with no choice but to respond. Although I am … More LUTHERAN LEADERS