Seriously? You stupid news medias, stating that only a few women have caused mass shootings, yesterday in Nashville included. It was a man not a woman. So, get it straight. HE kicked the glass in. HE went in a shot up three innocent children and three innocent adults. I am thankful the police engaged, so … More IT IS THE RESULT!


So, is Trump getting arrested or what? I think it is quite comical that they make these threats and then in Waco, Texas, there is a huge Trump rally that follows. All this Bragg guy did was wake the sleeping Patriotic giant. Even bad publicity, is still publicity and thanks to Bragg, Trump has tons … More MORNING IS COMING!


Let’s talk first about the double standards of the Democrats. “If you still support Donald Trump, you are supporting an individual who has caused for chaos and violence.” Ted Lieu; House Democratic Leadership. But wasn’t it House Rep. Maxine Waters who, “called for protesters to ‘stay on the street’ and ‘get more confrontational’?” Their rules … More POINTING OUT THE FACTS!


What I am seeing more and more, are normal people lashing out against this transgenderism. Why? Because we are getting tired of the insanity of it all. Transgenderism is defined as, “the fact of not having your gender match the body you were born with; According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, transgenderism refers to the broad spectrum of people who transiently or … More NOT PLAYING!


So, it is looking like Trump will be arrested on Tuesday March 21, 2023! He has even stated, “Protest, take our nation back.” First and foremost, we are not like Antifa or Black Lives Matter. As angry as we may be, we still need to protest peacefully. This is not the Revolutionary War time period, … More GOD’S JUDGMENT!