We are in a very critical time in our America. Critical is defined as, “grave, extremely ill, at point of death!” America once again, is on life support. I have been on life support myself. The doctors, nurses, aides, my family, and many others who prayed for me – helped to save my life. All … More A HOUSE DIVIDED!


So, now they are going after the Amish in Pennsylvania via the Feds. If it wasn’t so despicable, it would be hilarious and they call Trumpsters “deplorable.” It is defined as, “deserving strong condemnation, disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, disreputable, discreditable.” Oh and the best one – deserving “damnation – eternal punishment in Hell.” All this – … More ARMY OF PATRIOTS!


First…let’s start with Kamala Harris. Hello, my name is Juliana Love and my pronouns are: me, myself and I. The colors of my clothes are… who gives a crap! You describing the color “blue,” to a blind person, is just as insulting as screaming at a Deaf person so they can hear you. Your level … More DEMONIC MINDSETS!


There is a lot of insanity going on in this world. I literally just watched a girl’s video on how she and her friends, “meow” to each other. It was like, I knew I shouldn’t keep watching, but I just couldn’t help myself. I was hoping there would be a punch line somewhere and sadly, … More THE ONLY WAY!


As I was sitting on the beach minding my own business, happily watching my grandchildren, a picture of Governor Wolf’s face sadly interrupted me. I then saw him connected to Biden. Which of course he is connected as they are both of the same mold. (Not every Democrat is of their wicked mindset)! Then the … More PROCLAIM LIBERTY!