First…let’s start with Kamala Harris. Hello, my name is Juliana Love and my pronouns are: me, myself and I. The colors of my clothes are… who gives a crap! You describing the color “blue,” to a blind person, is just as insulting as screaming at a Deaf person so they can hear you. Your level … More DEMONIC MINDSETS!


There is a lot of insanity going on in this world. I literally just watched a girl’s video on how she and her friends, “meow” to each other. It was like, I knew I shouldn’t keep watching, but I just couldn’t help myself. I was hoping there would be a punch line somewhere and sadly, … More THE ONLY WAY!


As I was sitting on the beach minding my own business, happily watching my grandchildren, a picture of Governor Wolf’s face sadly interrupted me. I then saw him connected to Biden. Which of course he is connected as they are both of the same mold. (Not every Democrat is of their wicked mindset)! Then the … More PROCLAIM LIBERTY!


I am about to ruffle some feathers and quite frankly, I don’t give a sh*t! I have sat back and watched responses since the Uvalde shooting in Texas, and the ONLY thing that is going to fix these issues is TRUTH! “The data doesn’t lie: Gun laws save lives. Let’s get to work.” PA GOVERNOR … More BRING GOD BACK!!!