With the elections coming up, it is for certain the abortion issue is one of the top issues facing politicians. Abortion should never have been allowed in this country or on planet earth…period! We now have in California, a state that allows the murder of innocent babies, up to twenty-eight days after he or she … More COLD HARD FACTS!!!


Now, now Fetterman – you have more compassion for animals, than you do for butchered aborted babies. So, it’s okay to murder babies, but is it not okay to use dogs for experiments that ultimately kill them. The fact is, neither is okay. But for you to have more concern and pity for suffering animals, … More CAST OUR VOTE!


What was it that Popeye said, “I’ve had all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!!!” Uh Biden, I thought you said that if you were elected President that America would have fewer hurricanes and floods. Oh and then there is Kamala claiming that only white people are getting relief from the hurricane relief … More WOE TO THEM!!!


Okay! So…let’s get some actual clarity via definitions. I will start with the words, Right-wing-extremist combined, they are defined as: “ultra-nationalist, (loyalty and devotion to a nation – (like OMG that seriously is shameful); the faction representing extreme right-wing political views; radical, revolutionary – engaged in or promoting political revolution; an overthrow or repudiation and … More THE PATH TO LIBERTY!