EXPAND in 2020

I kept seeing things posted on social media in regard to, “What is your word for the year?” I didn’t really take it to heart. But then I prayed about it and asked God, what my word from Him would be. He immediately responded with, “EXPAND.” Expand is defined as “to become larger and or more extensive.” “Extensive” is defined as “covering a large area; substantial; of considerable importance; worth; study; well built.” For Summer Ray, we are now in our twelth year. But, my world is not just Summer Ray. I am an author of many other types of books and can be found on my author site on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/author/julianalove. I am a mom, mother in law, Grammy and family time is of the utmost importance. I do crafts; photography, figure skate and so much more. Father God is number one in my life. He is a lifestyle, and how I strive to live.

I have learned that vision boards and daily reminders keep me on track with this expansion. You see in the above picture, me holding my new mug that says, “Juliana Expand 2020.” Part of that expansion was to upgrade my www.julianalove.com website to add more items. We have to make room for growth. We have to prepare for success, much in the same way parents prepare for their newborn. They gather baby clothes, add a crib, get diapers and all the things that a new baby needs. This is before the baby arrives, so that they will be ready for him or her when they bring their precious baby home.

But part of this expansion for me, is having a sturdy foundation. It has taken me a very long time, to finally know that I am standing on solid ground with the Lord. Because He is first, my foundation in Him, needed to not be so wobbly. I had a lot of growing to do. This had to happen before I became successful; before God granted me millions of dollars in film funding; before I became a Best Selling Author. Why? Because immature people, are not responsible people. God was not going to help me fail. So, in order for me to succeed, I needed my foundation to be in Him and it needed to be solid. I am not saying that I have arrived. Of course not. Only Jesus ever “arrived.” We are still finding our way, while here on planet Earth. But, God will lead us, if we let Him. So, out of obedience to what He told me, I am expanding and doing what I need to do to get ready for that to happen. It is important to immediately obey the Lord. He will never lead us astray!

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