Have you ever just sat and stared, not knowing what to do or how things were supposed to happen that was your responsibility? To make matters worse, they are so far out of your reach yet you still have to have faith? I know that God is an out of the box thinker. Perhaps I am still an in the box, traditional thinker. Because it seems like my traditional ways are not working when it comes to fundraising. With our new Summer Ray pilot, I need about $2,000,000. Which is still an incredibly ultra-low budget. It is like super low and yet, all of the ways I have tried to reach out, have not worked.

I know I can’t move forward without funding, so what am I supposed to do? Well the first thing I know I am not to do, is to get discouraged. I trust God. I trust that He will provide on time. So, either I need to slow down, or I need to do what He has already put in front of me, and if I have, then I just need to rest or to continue carrying out what I know. Or you can have a friend call you to tell you how to fix the issues! (YES!) While writing this, she called and I was sidetracked for a few hours. And now, the sun is shining, where this morning it was dreary. See, how fast things can change!!! God is so good. He always helps us to succeed. Love you, Lord! and thank YOU!

If you would like to donate to our Summer Ray The Redemption pilot, please click on the picture below and it will take your to our fundraiser. We are fiscally sponsored by From the Heart Productions and ALL donations via this site are tax deductible. Thank you so much for your support of our project. For more Summer Ray book and franchise information please visit

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