Back in March, the two week quarantine did not seem to have any kind of warning as what we were about to face. Two weeks turned into four weeks; four weeks turned into six weeks; and six weeks turned in eight weeks. The Governor of PA has even tried to turn the the eight weeks into eleven weeks for some PA counties. Thankfully, a few of these counties have started to stand up to Governor Wolf, and most likely the rest will follow.

I sit here just trying to collect my thoughts after such an intense battle as what we have just seen and will continue to see. I believe the aftermath is going to be worse than the long ever changing quarantine. I believe it was necessary at first to help stop the spread. I have no doubt that it was needed. Yet, the virus became almost like a catastrophic nightmare and for some, it actually did! My thoughts are on the wrecking ball that crushed us emotionally. With a sigh of much needed relief, I am so proud of the many people that stepped up and continued to work, and the many who are still fighting the Governor and Dr. Levine on their so called checks and balances.

I thank God that my family and I were still able to work and were kept safe from getting sick. With a thankful sigh of relief, we have much to look forward to. Yet, there are those who lost a loved one and for that, I am terribly sorry! It is at times like these, when we must move forward and fix what has been broken, so that this type of failure can never happen again. This is why I am praying and so hoping that men and women who seek after God’s own heart, will be running for Governor – to replace the wicked ones that caused so much suffering. I have sent letters out to Senators, Governor Wolf, Dr. Levine, DOJ and many other State Reps. I feel we simply cannot overlook the nursing home issue and this is the basis for my letter. I am a concerned citizen and I feel we must speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

The following books I wrote during this quarantine and both can be found on amazon by clicking on their book covers! God Bless you!

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