Jesus will always be my Savior. But President Trump, at best, will only be my President for four more years. People have asked me and some have assumed that Summer Ray is a “Christian” franchise. I am a Christian yes, but this is not a Christian film. It is a faith based one. The differences are monumental. For starters, Christian films do not have ghosts. We are not trying to reach Christians only. But rather, the secular world where Jesus is most needed. We are going to storm Hollywood with our franchise, where Jesus has been kicked out of. Patriotic films have also been rejected by the elite. But, we march on. I trust that Father God will get us where we need to go, at the time He needs us to get there. For the most part, it is been a second by second faith walk. God only shows me what the next steps are and I try to follow them the best I can. He has never once led me astray and He always provides at His appointed time. I keep my Hollywood snow globe on my desk and it’s like a vision board. It keeps me focused on the future and it helps me to not give up.

We have to keep the vision in front of us in order to persevere when times get rough. Come February 2021, we will be going into our 13th year with Summer Ray. We are like a fine wine. We are only getting better with age. God keeps blowing my mind with what He does and with who He provides. Our Entertainment Attorney is one of His miracles. SostarSun Productions is now a legal entity in Delaware and the film cannot be stolen from me. I continue the walk, KNOWING full well that God will complete it. It’s very exciting to know that He is helping us all the way to, “The End.” So, when the paths are rocky, with His peace, I walk over them and keep on, keeping on. I am thrilled to be a part of this project. I pray that the multitudes will see Him, when they watch it. Because after all, it truly is all about Him!

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