Nice title hun? But wait. Here’s the deal. If my body, my choice is good enough to kill a baby, why isn’t it good enough for the jab? People are bitching all over America because Southwest Airlines crew and staff are walking off their jobs. Oh! But wait again. Some of those people needing to get from point A to point B are those who voted for Biden! Hello Socialism. If AOC had her way, this is exactly what we all would be experiencing. Not so fun now, is it? Yet, you blame the employees instead of the government or the employers who are not standing up for its employees! It’s only okay when the system works. But when people stand up for their rights – they are the DEVIL!

Nope! We are the PATRIOTS!!! Yet, I know many wonderful people who had to get the jab or get fired and honestly had no choice. To those who simply could not walk off their jobs, I am truly sorry that we as a country have let you down. We are far better than what we have become!

Juliana Love

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