After looking over some of Biden’s videos, it is crystal clear what his agenda is; to bring the Green New Deal to America and turn this beautiful country into a socialistic one. Biden rages and states, “We are changing people’s lives.” He rages because he is longing for control and WE THE PEOPLE are not cooperating. Biden fails to grasp the concept of slavery – though he claims he is vehemently against it. Yet, Biden and his administration are trying to change people’s lives based on how they think we should live. They are trying to force their will on the American people, and hide the truth of its parallel to slavery under the disguise of, “We are changing people’s lives.” This is how murder is held at bay, under the disguise of women’s rights, when they abort millions of babies. Now California is introducing legislation to murder babies twenty eight days after they are born. If there is an earthquake large enough to put part of the state into the Pacific Ocean that will be the final straw in God’s cap! He holds off His judgment because He is patient and wishes that none should perish. But how much is Almighty God supposed to stand?

Let’s discuss this further. So, a baby after he or she is born – you know like Northam stated, “They will make the infant comfortable.” He then went on to state that if the parents decided they didn’t want the infant, he or she will be “terminated.” But if that same baby was shot and killed by an outsider off the street, he or she would be charged with murder. Stopping abortion will always be at the top of my list of what I will fight for!

Let’s move on…! There are two God given genders.

He made them male and female.” Matthew 19:4

This is not to be debated. It is biblical fact. However, man has made other genders. So, for all intents and purposes, those who state there are not other genders – are wrong as there are man made genders. But in Father God’s eyes, there are only two – male and female. I have always been an athlete. I was called a, “tomboy” all through out my growing up years. But, my parents never tried to make me a boy. They never gave me a choice to be a boy because I was girl. Any parent who tries to alter their child’s genetic makeup while they are growing up are child abusers! I dressed like a boy many times because I was always doing sports. I even won the Presidential Physical Fitness award. But, there again – I kept my identity as a female.

I recently read an article that said, something to the effect that those who worship God, are diminishing. I am not one of those people. God has His army and we are marching strong against the powers at be. This includes demonic entities that have taken over the White House. I do not think any one should have stormed the Capitol on January 06, 2020. I do believe it was a set up by Pelosi to bring Trump and his followers down even further. The Capitol Police were seen waving people into the building and even moving blockades out of the way. Still, no one should have been storming anything. But, we also know some of those who were with Pelosi, were dressed as Trump supporters. However, we had a legal right to listen to President Trump at his rally – and wait outside the Capitol Building without rioting. No! I did not attend either.

Now let’s back track to Biden! Cows are mysteriously dying by the thousands. Does this make AOC happy – it’s part of her Green New Deal is it not? Biden is pushing electric cars – yet in Texas – if it gets too hot or too cold the power grids shut off. Poultry plants are burning down; baby formula is in short supply. What’s the deal Biden? Yet you are raging, “We are changing people’s lives.” What you are doing is changing peoples lives, based on what you and your administration think our lives should be like. There again, you are maliciously creating slavery by taking away our right to choose. You are advocating gun control but you are promoting abortion. You care so much about those kids who were innocently murdered at those schools, yet you care nothing for the babies being butchered by abortion. Then you rage because people like me, call you out on it. We are refusing to stop our fight against you which only ruffles your feathers more and it causes you get even angrier. You are not a man who has dementia. You are a man who is controlled by witchcraft. People have to stop feeling sorry for you because you are in your right mind. But your mind is working through the sin of witchcraft because you are of your father the devil. So, your mind is operating in darkness which is actually worse than you having dementia. It is premeditated!

The Bible clearly states,

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule,

the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2.

WE THE PEOPLE are mourning because of your evil and wicked administration. I also know many decent Democrats who are too because not all Democrats bargained for what you have done. Gas prices cannot tell who is a Democrat or a Republican. You have caused so many of those who voted for you to regret it and they have changed sides, and more will continue to do so. This is the ONLY good thing that has come from you being so evil. You are not, nor will you ever be my president.

Trump was right about you, Joe! Thank You, Jesus the RED WAVE has begun!!!

Juliana Love

Bible references:

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