First…let’s start with Kamala Harris. Hello, my name is Juliana Love and my pronouns are: me, myself and I. The colors of my clothes are… who gives a crap! You describing the color “blue,” to a blind person, is just as insulting as screaming at a Deaf person so they can hear you. Your level of BS, is astonishing.

Oh Joe! Let’s discuss the recent decline in gas prices. Your administration is so freaking awesome! You know, because after you raised the gas prices to what a lot of people have struggled with that you take all the praise and glory for the few cents that have been lowered. Enter in Socialism. This is EXACTLY the definition of what living in a Socialistic country is like! You make things extremely hard on people, then you ease off the pressure just a little bit – just enough to manipulate us into thinking how great you are. Why? So we will follow you. This is another control tactic. It is about domination, not about what is best for those you are supposed to be serving. See, this is EXACTLY what Satan did. He wanted to be worshipped. He wanted to have followers. He wanted to exercise his dominance over the human race. Dominance is defined as: “power and influence over others.” I want to give an excerpt from a book written by Kenneth Copeland titled, “The Blessing of the Lord.”

“Though the Babylonian system has been operating since the Tower of Babel, this was the time it began to be called, ‘socialism,’ ‘communism,’ ‘Nazism,’ and all the ism’s that the government, attempting to meet man’s needs without God, were coined. Those systems HAVE ALWAYS FAILED BECAUSE ONLY GOD GIVES THE INCREASE. But men continually want to create systems with rules to keep God out because THEY WANT TO BE IN CONTROL. Their lord, the devil, is the one who is behind their attempts.

This is EXACTLY what the Biden Administration has done and is still doing, and failure will be the result. But at what cost? Here in Pennsylvania, the website now lists:  “ne, ve, ze/zie” and “xe” as “gender neutral pronouns.” Wait! What? Oh and kids as young as three years old can have their own pronouns too. Oh, but wait! There is more. They can be non-binary too. They are not male nor female, but they can be both if they wanted to be. Say what? All of this is a major set up for split personalities typically referred to as: “Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), a mental disorder where a person has two or more distinct personalities. The thoughts, actions, and behaviors of each personality may be completely different.” Isn’t that fantastic? This is what society is creating – kids, teens and adults, who are going to and suffer now from (DID), and according to the definition, their “thoughts, actions, and behaviors of each personality may be completely different.” Father God, did not create His humans to be confused but rather, peaceful. “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace.” 1 Corinthians 14:33

This ALL STEMS AGAIN, FROM DEMONIC MINDSETS! God is not the author of confusion. Satan is. Is there not confusion, chaos and consistent rebellion against God’s plan for America? But more so, for her people? In California they are voting on whether they can kill a baby up to twenty-eight days after he or she is born. But there again, if a stranger killed that baby – he or she would be charged with murder! California – you might want to rethink this “devil worship,” before the Creator of the universe and those innocent babies, wipes you off the map!

To the parents who are allowing their child/children to be anything other than a boy or girl, you will be directly responsible for their mental disorders later on in life. This is an absolute outrage!!! To the church allowing a Drag Queen to prance down its aisle while children watched, remember Sodom and Gomorrah. I am not a judge and jury. But there is a time and place to stand up for righteousness!


Juliana Love


4 thoughts on “DEMONIC MINDSETS!

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  3. Dear Juliana

    Hello from the UK. Many thanks for your post. You might not be aware of the following:

    Kamala Devi Harris – a part anagram includes the word ‘devil’

    Valerie Biden Owens (Joe Biden’s sister) – a part anagram includes the word ‘devil’

    Nancy Patricia Pelosi – a part anagram includes the word ‘Satan’

    This may explain things. I wrote about them in this post of mine if you are interested.

    Kind regards


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