Okay! So…let’s get some actual clarity via definitions. I will start with the words, Right-wing-extremist combined, they are defined as: “ultra-nationalist, (loyalty and devotion to a nation – (like OMG that seriously is shameful); the faction representing extreme right-wing political views; radical, revolutionary – engaged in or promoting political revolution; an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed; to dispose, as from a position of power, overcome, defeat.” Basically this is saying, us MAGA Republicans are PATRIOTS! We are representing America as it was established by God, via our FOUNDING FATHERS!

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Yet, the Biden Administration has now classified us MAGA people as, “The enemy of the state!” So basically in a nutshell, we are considered “Domestic terrorists.” We are considered to be very threatening. But, I would like to ask the Biden Administration, in what ways has the good Senator Mastriano committed any rioting, violence, or coerced his followers to go out and hurt people? You must be confused because wasn’t it good OLD Maxine Waters that did that? Oh a Far-Left-Democrat would never do such a thing. Yet, now because we are labeled the enemy of the state, people on your side are killing people on our side. That innocent young man who got hit with a truck, and was murdered, all because he was a MAGA Republican. Yet, where is the media? If a Republican did that to a Democrat – it would be all over the news and there would be rioting in the streets.

The fact is, the Biden and his regime are trying to create a different America, not like the one they were born in to. They are trying to convince the entire world that us MAGA Republicans are the enemy because we are fighting to keep the America our Founding Father’s established. If we are extreme, it is because of our passion to stand up against the tyranny, of the Biden Administration. He who is wanting to create America to depend on the government by allowing them to rule and reign over us, via Socialism.

I am reminded of Lady Liberty!

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What does the torch represent? The torch is a symbol of enlightenment. The Statue of Liberty’s torch lights the way to freedom showing us the path to Liberty.” NPS

Socialism and liberty are on two opposite ends of the spectrum. You cannot live free, if we are a socialistic country. Yet, many find this appealing. Why? Because they are too damn lazy to go out and get a good education, and a job. Why work, when someone else’s paycheck has to be split with me? Why work, when someone else’s hard earn money buys my food? I am not against getting help in emergency situations as I have had to get help myself. But, I am against using the government as a lifestyle. I am against giving up my rights to my own personal freedoms of where I want to live; what school I want to go do; or where I go on vacation. And yes, this brings up a can of worms about, “Women’s Rights.” Let’s discuss the Governor of California, Newsom using the following scripture on his billboard Pro-Life sign: “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commandment then these.” (Mark 12:31) His reprobate mind has zero understanding, at how much trouble he’s in with Almighty God. Newsom is using Holy scripture to tell women to come to his state, to murder unborn babies. These babies are God’s creations. I am waiting for God’s judgment to fall because God will defend His Word. He will defend His holiness. To use God’s scripture of love, to use as a means to kill unborn babies, is well…the definition of the Satan, and we know what happened to him!!!

Listen, I am not trying to cause a panic…but I do believe what God has been showing many of His people. Stock up on non perishable food, water, and basis essentials. Winter is coming on the heels of the November elections and we need to be prepared for any ill the Biden Administration will try to impose, or how he will sanction – “threaten penalty for disobeying a law or rule.” In this case, he will threaten and penalize those of us who disobeyed HIS law or rule, and get this, the whole country will suffer not just us MAGA’S. Hence, the current inflation isn’t just hurting the Republicans. He may even try to call Martial Law!

Listen again, there are many fine Democrats who are not like the Bidens or Newsoms. We must use that scripture of loving or neighbor for good and not for evil. If we are prepared, we can help our families and neighbors in need whether REPUBLICAN, DEMOCRAT, or INDEPENDENT! Let’s look passed this evil administration and show the love of God to those in need. Because truly, are we not all in need?

We need our real America back! We need our liberty back! We need the good back!!!

VOTE RED in November!!!

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