Oh lawd! Trump, you “white supremacist” you! How darest thou? Did you know that even Black Mega supporters are also called, “white supremacists?” So are Asians, and all different kinds of nationalities who support Trump, EVEN IF THEY AREN’T WHITE! Why? Because the damn Lefts are color blind. They lump every Mega supporter into one category. But seriously, this is the same old game they played before – the name calling. It is like kindergarten round up with these people. Oh! What ever shall we do??? We fight like hell, to get him back in the White House! But according to Biden, that also makes us “domestic terrorists.” I think Biden needs to do some research because according to the US Patriot ACT, “domestic terrorism could include acts which cause serious physical injury or death…” ( I seem to remember Maxine Waters telling people to go out and riot and such. I seem to remember BLM rioting, burning down buildings and some even murdered, but were not labeled as, “domestic terrorists.” Isn’t it interesting how rules apply only to the Mega’s, Deplorables, Conservatives and Republicans? But I guess it’s because we are PATRIOTS, and the US Patriot Act only applies to Patriots. It’s actually so spot on, it’s both hilarious and pathetic at the same time.

The Left has nothing new to fight with. They are desperately trying to turn the attention away from Biden and his son, as well as the internal investigations to the amount of money sent to Ukraine that the Biden Administration cannot account for. I thank God that House was flipped to red. We know Nancy’s reign of terror is over! Biden’s hands are now not as free to commit the evil that he has unleashed upon this land, since he first took office. His bright ideas of going electric, while electric cars are blowing up and burning for hours – sending lots of pollutants into the atmosphere that he is trying to save…HA! What a freakin joke!!!

To the other Megas, we continue to move forward. It might be that Biden will be impeached and removed from office. We can only hope. But if not, there are only two short years left of his term, and we just have to hold on. We have to fight for those who cannot fight this themselves. We have to be a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves as well. Millions are struggling and are hurting. Inflation does not discriminate. I blame many churches who refused to preach about the ills of Socialism from their pulpits. On another note, many people were so disheartened because they felt their votes would not matter that they didn’t vote. “Why bother?” they asked. Although, I appreciate the many who are filing court documents in regard to the governor race here in Pennsylvania, I do not think it will matter. Mastriano, did not reach the LGBTQ community. He also has a very strict policy on abortion – whether it was initially up to him or not to change the law. I am sure there were mistakes and voting fraud, but not enough to change the statistics in his favor. In the case of Arizona with Kari Lake, it is a huge possibility that she can still win. So, we have to continue to press forward and be thankful that good things have, and will continue to happen.

It’s the little battles won that add up to the final war being victorious!

The final war is when Trump is once again our PRESIDENT, and Biden will no longer be able to run for office and that my friends, is glorious!

Juliana Love


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