Okay! Let’s stir up the pot some more. I absolutely blame pastors who refuse to discuss politics in their churches, for the condition that America is in now. I attended a church for over twenty years that I had to leave for this very reason. When I brought up the word, “Socialism,” I was abruptly told that, “We do not discuss politics in our church.” Hmm! Let me get this straight. Does not the Bible say, “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6 (KJV) If the government shall be upon his shoulder, it is safe to say that Jesus would want to be involved in politics within the church. Inside the four or five walls of the church building, the terms Republican, Democrat or Independent, should not be evident. What should be evident, is the fact that we are Christians, or Christ like.

Sun Cross; Confederate Ave., Gettysburg

God does have His candidates in mind for elections that we as Christians must adhere to. The problems is, many churches across this country are failing God because they don’t want to bring up politics. This is ludicrous. It is also plain and simple sin! We are to vote for God’s candidates. But how can we discuss them in church, if we are not allowed to?! How can we accurately protect our families from wicked administrations such as the Obama/Biden one, if we are not taught how? See, the church is responsible for what it has not taught and proclaimed. If churches across this country would rise up and teach the real truth, President Trump wouldn’t have such a hard time. But they don’t want to get their hands dirty. They don’t want to take sides. Well, guess what? In the eyes of the Lord, there is only one side…and that is His! Any other side is Satan as we have seen with the current administration. There are even some Gay pastors stating that it is, “Holy to be in Drag.” Look, if it was as Holy as you claim, God never would have destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah!

Part of America’s ills, are the fault of the churches.

You allow these leaders to take communion, who butcher and murder babies, even though it is 100% against your religious views. You refuse to talk about Socialism and what it is doing to our country, because it goes against the “Separation of Church and State.” The fact is, they don’t know their history. So, they just use it as an excuse and they don’t bother searching for the truth. Why? Because they are too afraid of the police that will come knocking down their doors and arrest them. It’s a fact! If the government is upon the shoulders of the Lord Jesus Christ, don’t you think that He would want us to talk about it in church? It’s the government that makes the laws of the land. But millions of Christians refused to vote for Trump, because they thought he was a joke and too abrasive, well – damn! I guess they are happy now with the current state of America, with the Obama/Biden Administration. I guess they are happy paying double and sometimes triple the prices for food and gas. I guess they are happy seeing abortion reach the level it has, to the point, of babies being left alone on cold steel tables, while his or her parents decide if they want him or her to be murdered! Oh! But I guess they are happy since you know, it is a woman’s right. The only side to be on is God’s. Any other side, is Satan’s. Churches are supposed to be teaching what God wants. I am sorry Father God, for how we have failed you!!!

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I can only pray that your mercy will sustain this beautiful country and that You will restore us back to our founding of freedom, patriotism, and that we will proudly display – IN GOD WE TRUST…once more!

References:; Graham Allen – Instagram

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