Recently, I watched a very disturbing video posted on Facebook, in regard to a protest by Leslie Sabatino from Hanover. Permits were issued for a peaceful protest via the borough, which every citizen has that right. I am not arguing that point. What I am addressing is, the screaming of foul language in front of people, including children, just trying to enjoy their day. Is this a peaceful protest? I think not. It is trash talk, harassment, threatening, mocking the Gettysburg Police Department and calling those with Confederate flags, “Nazi’s,” and “racists” They went so far as to call bikers, “terrorists.” Leslie also stated they will be on the Square every Saturday, from 5:00PM-8:00PM till the election.

Has our beautiful historical town been reduced to this? Yes! So, tell me Borough of Gettysburg and Mayor Streeter, is this okay? I mean, hasn’t Governor Wolf done enough damage to the citizens that you have to add to it? Who wants to come to town and have to be exposed to hearing about, “Tiny di#@s” all afternoon? Oh! I’m sorry. Did that language just offend you? What about those innocent families that were subjected to this type of behavior? What about those in cars, just driving thru town to get from point A to point B and had to listen to this? What about people like Frank Marrone and Kari Cordero, trying to make things better for this county and yet, are threatened and harassed? Oh! Let’s not forget the Lutheran Leaders who got together to try and damage the solid reputation of Senator Mastrino. Leslie too stated she grew up in the church. I cringe at her disdain of the Bible, and it makes me wonder how she fell so far from God that she would act like this.

She told someone in a car that they needed to “pick sides” because the “Civil War was already here.”  I am sure, if it is a Civil War the far-out Lefts want, it is something they will eventually get. But it will be a war, they will not be prepared for. Still, it is one that I am afraid is coming, especially once President Donald Trump is reelected.

Trump Derange Syndrome is very real. These permits must not be issued to people who are so unstable that they cannot understand the meaning of a “peaceful protest.” Stop dropping the ball Gettysburg Borough!

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