First of all, my thoughts prayers and well wishes are with President Trump, the First Lady and Hope. But, it didn’t take long for the far out Lefts to jump on the bandwagon and damn them all to Hell. This included Governor Wolf. Let’s see, is he not the same man who marched with BLM? Is he not the same man who said, he would do everything in his power to make sure that abortion is not overturned in his state? Is he not the same man who, along with his sidekick Dr. Levine, are responsible for the deaths of over 5,000 innocent elderly patients at Nursing Homes and in long term living assistance residences? Yet he is concerned about the people in his Commonwealth. How very noble of him.

Joe Biden was concerned about the 200,000 people who will not be eating dinner with their families. Although, I am concerned and deeply saddened about that too, this was my response.

I absolutely HATE hypocrisy and double standards. This was my post on Facebook.

Vile comments from the Left. Just wait. President Trump will come back even stronger and kick Joe Biden’s a&&! God isn’t finished with our President just yet! It will be the ultimate – Trump card. Satan rejoiced when he saw Jesus dead. Just wait folks. America is about to be resurrected! Praise God.

God knew the President would test positive for the virus. Personally, I believe and this is my opinion only, but I believe he was run down from pushing and fighting so hard. But, I could tell at the first debate, he was extremely tired. This is a time for him to rest, and for him regain his strength. He will come back even stronger as I said in my Facebook post. I firmly believe he needs this time to regroup and to regain his momentum, to go back into the debate ring and garner more votes for his reelection, and for the good of this country.

I am disgusted, however, by the vile comments, hypocrisy, double standards of the Democratic Socialists. But, I can honestly say, it doesn’t surprise me. I am waiting for Nancy Pelosi to try an impeach the President over him getting the Corona virus. Yet, she is also the same woman who was caught without a mask while getting her hair done. But let’s not forget what Governor Wolf’s mandates are, “Wear a mask – save a life. Get an abortion – kill a baby!” According to him, both are essential.

Just remember, the Trump card IS – “the winning card“! “Trump card comes from an old card game called ‘triumph,’ shortened to just trump in the 1500’s.” ( Love it…the Triumph and Trump card – still equal the winning card! President Trump – you ARE part of God’s triumph to overcome the evil in America. The Patriots – stand with you. Keeping you, and your family and Hope and her family, in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you!

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