When I was in elementary school, I would walk a mile (alone) to the Aspen Hill Library in Rockville, Maryland, just to check out books on George Washington. Even at a very young age, I was enthralled by his character, humbleness, bravery and most of all – his patriotism. The names – Continental Congress, or the Continental Army shouts out patriotic history that present day evils are trying to erase.

I was a patriot when it was cool to be so. My dad was in the Navy and I grew up with a mother who had to of been, the biggest Redskins fan ever born!

Official Summer Ray storyboard

The storyboard above is a scene from “A Redemption in Time.” We stood for the National Anthem and we were proud Americans. But even after all the Hell she has been through, there are millions of us who are still proud Americans. We know this country is worth fighting for. She may have been steered off course, by the demonic and dirty far out Lefts trying to destroy her, but Lady Liberty still stands.

Official Summer Ray storyboard

And that my friends, should be our focus.

Carlos Roumulo of the Philippines once stated:

Never forget, Americans, that yours is a spiritual country. Yes, I know you’re a practical people. I’ve marveled at your factories, your skyscrapers, and your arsenals. But UNDERLYING everything else, is the fact that America began as a God-loving, God-fearing, God-worshipping people.

We know God has been removed from our schools, courthouses and even in some modern day churches. For instance, right here in Gettysburg, PA the Lutheran Church ganged up on its PA State Senator – Douglas Mastriano. (My heated response) It was because of my article that I had little old ladies sending me hand written notes, telling me that they were afraid for my safety and will pray for me. I still have those letters. I had emails from people telling me that they “wished they could speak up like I did, but were too scared to do so,” and they thanked me for being so brave. I was stunned and then angry that people felt so trapped. We are a free people. Yet the Socialists, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, brought much destruction, fear and intimidation to the point, many have lost their voice and that in itself, is a form of slavery. We need to stop the coercions and think freely. We need to be allowed to choose, without the threat of violence, who we want in our government as our leaders in America. Yet, anarchy runs like a rabid animal and many are afraid of being bitten. So they stay silent.

We simply cannot stay silent anymore. We need to go out into the highways and byways and help those who are afraid. If you read the letters that were sent to me, it would break your heart like it did mine. It’s not freedom, when we are left to hide for speaking up against injustice. We need to unite, rise up and take a stand not just for freedom, but for God!

Proverbs 29:2 states:

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice:

but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

We know this to be true. But it is time for the righteous to be in authority, and to overtake this great country once again. Is it not time for the people to start rejoicing again, instead of being stepped on by dictatorship? Even in some Republican circles there is disunity. Get over it, and get to working together for the good of electing righteous leaders. We have to stop the petty crap and understand that we are not in a competition with each other, but with the other side. America has suffered more than enough. It’s time to rejoice…is it not? To those who forgot how this country was founded, we need to remind them! Governor Wolf claims abortion is a “woman’s right.” He claims he is a, “man of faith.” I fail to understand how someone can be of the faith, and still allow murder of so many innocent babies. We know Senator Mastriano is a godly man, who will help to curb this monstrosity in this Commonwealth. Yet, here lies the sad facts my friends. It won’t be an easy win. We must all do our part! If you haven’t done so, please check out this link.!

It is here, I would like to wish each and every one of you and yours a very Happy New Year. Let’s make 2022 a great RED celebration!

God Bless You and Yours,

Juliana Love

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