In light of what singer Pink stated about us pro-lifers never listening to her music again because we are happy with the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, here ya go…a music video with Pink and her daughter that she did not abort!

Wow! Let’s see; Pelosi, AOC, Warren, Waters, women screaming like demons…! I love it when Pelosi blamed Trump. But let’s discuss Waters who said, “The hell with the Supreme Court,” and “we will defy the Supreme Court.” She is promoting, (once again), anarchy! People are also upset that having a one night stand, isn’t as easy as it was in or country.


Can we get to the REAL issue of being immoral? Let’s talk about STD’s and how easily they are transferred via these one night stands. It’s debauchery and death. But because the Supreme Court has placed the abortion issue back to each individual state, pretty sure there is no way to “defy” them. They have already ruled and there isn’t a damn thing the likes of Waters can do about it. So, sit down and shut the hell up. If Trump said what you did, the above would have started to impeach him already. The double standard is astonishing. Oh but it’s “my body, my choice.” RIGHT?

How come that didn’t work with the vaccines? It’s because the dirty Democrats in Congress are demonized and they operate under a Satanic spirit. Governor’s like Wolf, who claim that women are entitled to abortions because it’s their right, follow suit with that same mindset. It is proven a baby is his or own body – and thankfully the Supreme Court has ruled God’s will.

But the fight has really just begun. Only four months till November, till we vote. We need a RED wave…period! The Democrats will do everything they can to vote in, or to keep their states blue. Don’t be silent. Use your voice. Just use it wisely – not like some of these creepy demon yelling women are. In my video below – PROCLAIM LIBERTY!

Many businesses have said that they will pay for their employee, to go out of state to get an abortion. It’s their right to do so. But they will also lose business when they are boycotted. So, really in that case, no one wins. But it’s again, the employers right on how they want to spend their money.

I thank God the United States Supreme Court has ruled on this issue that has caused millions of innocent babies to be aborted that will now stop millions more. I am praying that Senator Mastriano, will in fact, be the next Governor of Pennsylvania. I mean, come on! Shapiro? The same guy who screams at a commercial of Mike Lindell’s pillows? That guy? How much more of a wimp can Shapiro be? We need a man, a real man with a heart after God – to be our next PA Governor and that man is Mastriano!!!

Juliana Love

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