While driving by Senator Mastriano’s office on York Street in Gettysburg, a man – I would say in his late 20’s – early 30’s walked past with his middle finger up – aimed at the senator. Like – was that supposed to stop Mastriano from running against Shapiro? Should he have hid under his desk because he was flicked off by a rebellious Leftist? May I remind this young man, (young to me) that Senator Mastriano is also Colonel Mastriano, who served this country and for that he deserves respect and our thanks.

But with the likes of Maxine Waters, who is by far one of the most demon possessed humans on the planet, with her sending people in the streets to riot, loot and to defy the United States Supreme Court, these people have zero respect for anything other than their own agenda – Socialism and to keep the abortion laws legal. This way, it negates their responsibility to be, you know, good and decent citizens. It negates their moral responsibility to have a baby, should the girl or lady get pregnant. Abortion to them is birth control.

Many Republicans in office have also turned their backs on Senator Mastriano. But they betrayed Jesus too and look what happened. Satan thought he won and he lost miserably! God has not shown me who will win this election for governor in November. He has only shown me that the Democrats will stop at nothing to see Shapiro win – even if they have to lie, cheat and steal (again). The Republicans who stand with Mastriano – MUST take it to the streets and the highways and byways, to bring their votes to the election. The abortion issue has caused some Democrats who have never voted before, the urgency to register and to vote. They are standing on the street corners with signs damning the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. There again, these women now have to be responsible and not so careless when they have sex. Celebrities are coming out stating how their abortions have empowered them – like they are proud of the fact they murdered their own flesh and blood. It’s a sad day in America when people are angry that laws are saving babies lives. Yet, these same people cry out against animal cruelty! Truth!!!

November will be here before we know it. This election is crucial to the rise of America, or it’s continued fall toward as Biden stated the, “Liberal World Order.” This world order is the goal of Satan. It is not of God. We need all Conservatives on board, to see to it that this does not happen. One of my biggest concerns are the Liberal churches, who will vote against Mastriano; the Evangelicals, like many of the Lutheran churches across this Commonwealth. We need to pray that Father God will turn their hearts to truth. May I refresh your memory of how the Lutheran’s treated our PA State Senator?

Pennsylvania is the voice of freedom, independence and liberty! I am believing that we are Crossing the Delaware of one of the most horrific administrations in PA’s history, and in our nation’s government.

Library of Congress

George Washington and the Continental Army did it and so can we!

Juliana Love

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