Now, now Fetterman – you have more compassion for animals, than you do for butchered aborted babies. So, it’s okay to murder babies, but is it not okay to use dogs for experiments that ultimately kill them. The fact is, neither is okay. But for you to have more concern and pity for suffering animals, but have nothing for human life, is unconscionable. It is wicked, immoral and evil.

When it comes to politics, it’s a plain and simple fact that it is dirty. Mudslinging is, “the use of insults and accusations, especially unjust ones, with the aim of damaging the reputation of an opponent.” The problem is, some of this stuff is actually true. So, one has to weigh the righteousness or lack thereof, of those who are running in a political race, in hopes that our conscience is clear before Almighty God, when we cast our vote. I do not agree with all of Mastriano’s policies. I do not agree with all of Oz’s either.

But to vote for someone as inhumane as Fetterman;

to vote for someone who is nothing more than what Biden is to Obama – no thank you!

I have the ability to think and to decide for myself. I have the God given right, to choose the candidates that I believe He would want me to. The last time I checked, God is against murder, control, manipulation and deception. For those of you trying to use the “insurrection” against Mastriano, can you please just stop beating a dead horse? The man was allowed to support President Trump. There is absolutely no proof that he was part of the rioting. In fact, he left! So, just stop already. If that is seriously all you have on this guy – (fake news), you might as well kiss Shapiro, “Goodbye.” Here, let me help you out!

Juliana Love

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