With the elections coming up, it is for certain the abortion issue is one of the top issues facing politicians. Abortion should never have been allowed in this country or on planet earth…period! We now have in California, a state that allows the murder of innocent babies, up to twenty-eight days after he or she is born. There is even a law now that says the death cannot be investigated. Yet, go kill a bald eagle, or be cruel to an animal – you will be arrested!

Living in Pennsylvania with the upcoming elections, I know that Senator Mastriano is a godly man. He believes that abortion should not be allowed for any reason. Shapiro thinks just the opposite. In the case of rape, incest or if the mother’s life is in danger, Mastriano is still against abortion. I guess the question is, should we set our sights on saving some babies, rather than none? If Senator Mastriano loses, than no babies can be saved. These are just cold hard facts as the title states. It is an incredibly difficult situation to be in, having to choose between your godly morals and the facts of the evil that has infiltrated our beautiful America. How does one maneuver around such godlessness, without compromising your own sense of integrity, morals and all you stand for – before Almighty God? Do you save some, or do you risk saving none? Do you lower your standards for the sake of the few that can be saved, or do you continue to stand no matter what? Can Senator Mastriano win this election, if his stance on abortion doesn’t lighten even just the slightest? Honestly, I do not know. Jesus gave up his heavenly standards and came to earth. Why? So, He could save the world. There again, do you save some, or risk saving none? It is a cold hard question that surely, I would never want to have to answer. Because either way, one has to live with the decision that quite possibly could cost him or her the win. But that is what America has fallen to. It is absolutely horrendous and vile that anyone has to even be concerned about abortion in the first place. It is not a “woman’s right” to murder.

If it were up to me, I would allow for rape, incest and if the mother’s life were in danger. Why? Because saving one life, is better than saving none. Abortions are performed every day, just because the mother doesn’t want their baby. Countless of unborn babies could be saved, especially once a heartbeat is detected, if such a law was put into place. But one cannot have such a law, if there is no one that will sign it into law. We know that Shapiro would never do something like that. He is just an extension of Governor Wolf. So, in my own personal opinion, change doesn’t happen over night. The more babies saved, the better chance of banning it altogether in the future, is viable. But I think, to try and ban it all at once – is unwise. It is noble and that is just who Senator Mastriano is. He is a god-fearing man, with high moral and patriotic principles. The problem, America has fallen into such a godless nation that is full of debauchery, death and destruction. So, do you light one lamp and have it be a success, so you can go on to light more lamps? Or do you risk failing at lighting even one? Honestly again, I do not know if Mastriano can win with his stance on abortion as it is. I have asked, studied, and have watched closely – even what some Republicans are saying in this state. But certainly, there is hope as even some Democrats have and more are changing sides. Could some or one be like a Trojan Horse? Of course. This is an ugly battle. It is a horrific battle. It is an evil that can only be described in one word…Satan. Oh and Biden, “Made in America” is three words.

With the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, America has started to turn toward the light. But in many cases, such as in California, the darkness in this country as grown even more corrupt. So, do you light the path that is right in front of us, or do you try to light a thousand miles ahead? Pennsylvania has become corrupt, contaminated, polluted and grossly poisoned by politics by the Wolf Administration that a Shapiro win, would bring this state down to the point of a possible no return.

Senator Mastriano, thank you for your service first and foremost to this country. Many thanks to you and your wife, and to your team, for all of your hard work and dedication to this campaign. I do not know if you will win. God has not shown me. I am always honest about that to everyone who asks me. But again, only my opinion. I think change little by little, is better than no change at all. Can you win with your stance on abortion the way it is? Of course. Are the odds against you? Another cold hard fact, yes! The odds are against you. But it is not impossible. Those who know you, love you and we are with you in that boat!!!


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