Well, I was definitely wrong about Oz winning. I was on the fence about Mastriano. But he ultimately lost as well. Here are my thoughts, which there again, are my opinions.

I know I have repeated this over and over, but it bears repeating over and over. We are dealing with hearts without God and that means, hearts are hard and cold to any kind of God reasoning. Millions see abortion as “Women’s Rights.” Conservatives see it as murder. Although Mastriano, in order to be able to change any of the abortion issues, would have had to go through legislature first, (and/or even voters). But that didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered to them was the fact he is pro-life. His issues on Gay marriage. I disagreed with. I do not believe anyone has a right to tell someone who they can or cannot marry. In my own personal lifestyle, I am straight. I would never marry another woman, or a man who became a woman. But I do not have the right to pass on my own personal views. It does sound contrary and contradictory. Why? Because abortion, in my opinion, is murder. I sound hypocritical. I am on opposing sides even with some in my own party. Well, there again. I am with the party of the Lord Jesus Christ. Wait, what? You are with the party of the Lord? But did He not “create them male and female?” (Genesis 5:2) Is not Gay pride the reason He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah? So, how can you approve of Gay marriage? I personally, do not approve of it. I personally, do not approve of the LGBTQ lifestyle. But since when do they need my approval? I am commanded to love them, not judge them. Hard hearts are not won by judgment. It actually pushes them deeper into the sin. America is the land of free choice, and being married to a Gay person, doesn’t make it a murder charge. It makes it, there again, a heart issue. Love and grace, is the extension this country needs. But it is a process. However, I will stand up against any Drag Queen, parading around half naked in front of children. There needs to be respect on both sides of the coin. Unfortunately, there is not. We are called, “Racists” and “homophobic,” because we are not wanting this type of behavior in front of our children and grandchildren. Parents, teachers and anyone else who allows this, are child abusers, in my opinion. We have to protect the rights of those who cannot speak up for themselves, including the unborn.

So, let’s face facts. Is it possible the Shapiro/Mastriano election was stolen? Of course, it is possible. But I do not believe it is probable or likely to be the case for the entire loss. It doesn’t mean there weren’t screw ups. It doesn’t mean there wasn’t cheating in some areas. His stance on the 2020 election and the so called, “insurrection” was also a deciding factor. People made their decisions about him, simply because he was at the Capitol that day. He was not innocent until proven guilty. He was, in their eyes, guilty! I think with all of the bad publicity during the campaign against Mastriano, and with many in his own party helping Shapiro, and all of the above, pretty much sealed the deal. I think the signs from heaven, the rainbow etc., was God’s own way of saying, “Thank you.” It was not God necessarily saying Mastriano won the election. Because remember, God’s sun shines on the just and the unjust. But I do not believe this is the time for Mastriano or the Republican party to quit. If George Washington quit, America would never have gained her freedom in the first place. He crossed the Delaware after losing battle after battle. So, does Mastriano up and quit right in the middle of the war? Or does he live to fight another day? Or does President Trump ask him to be his running mate, should he decide to run again in 2024? Mastriano, is after all, one of the best candidates for the job and most importantly, Trump trusts him. Did Mastriano lose for the greater good, seeing how that rainbow was with Trump too? Perhaps that is the will of God, and not for him to be governor. I honestly, do not know. I cannot calculate, but only speculate. But all remains to be seen. I do know that Mastriano and his team and volunteers, gave it all they had for which I am truly thankful. He rose to the occasion under extreme and dire circumstances, and that in my opinion, is a true hero.

America has fallen. In order to revive her and restore her, it will take time. We can be thankful, the House of Representatives is leaning toward a Republican majority. At least, there is something good to focus on. The “Red Wave,” did not happen. It is shocking to say the least that people still want to live under abject – (of something bad) experienced or present to the maximum degree, subjugation the action of bringing someone or something under domination or control. So to the maximum degree, people want to be dominated and controlled with something bad. It is unfathomable to me. But this all points right back to the decline of America, and hard hearts toward God. I also contribute this to minds that no longer think for themselves, because of just plain lack of discipline and laziness. Truly, it becomes a type of mental illness. Also, let’s not forget the Left want to do away with Patriotism. They want to erase the founding of America and start their own new country. This is preciously what their goal is. But God is not finished with this great country, nor has he forgotten how it started. I don’t know how bad it has to get, for people’s eyes to be opened, to the demonic reigns that Satan has on this country. Apparently, things aren’t bad enough yet, for some people to turn towards God. God will use the choices of humans, good or bad. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15). We will continue to move forward each and every day, serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He hasn’t told me to move out of Pennsylvania. I am to stay put in Gettysburg. So, that is where I will stay. God is bigger than Shapiro. God can make a way where there is none. He can make every crooked place straight. He can move above the economy and bring water out of rocks, and rain manna from heaven. I refuse to look at the economy, and fall head first into fear. God can send his angels to protect us. But to the parents, you need to be proactive with what your children are being subjected to in school, and what your children are learning. I know you might not be able to home-school your child. But at the very least, stay on top of what they are learning and fight back against what you feel is inappropriate. The children today, are the leaders of tomorrow.

In conclusion, I am not under Shapiro’s control, and I am definitely not under Biden’s. If we need more money for gas and food, I trust Father God to provide. I submit myself to God first. I do my best to be an outstanding citizen of the United States of America. But that is because I am submitted to God first. My heart is not hard toward Him. I think in many ways, the churches of America have failed miserably, by not understanding the truth about the “Separation of Church and State.” Many feel they cannot preach politics in their churches, which is absolutely not true. The church is supposed to have remained the foundation for the government. But the churches decided because of a misunderstood letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists, to stop preaching and teaching about politics, and the devil took full advantage of it. Some Christians even vote for baby killers, and some do not even vote at all. They leave it up to God. When God leaves it up to us, to get out there and vote. Some say, “Oh, if it is God’s will.” But as I have stated before, even Moses had to lift up his staff to part the Red Sea. Well, in this case, the Red Sea has definitely not parted. Is there hope for America? I believe so and that is how I will proceed. I refuse to look down. I will continue to look up for God, for my family and for my country!

Juliana Love


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