Now that most of the elections are over with, (still waiting on the House and Senate, and a few others across the country), since the campaigning first began, my biggest concern was the abortion issue. One would think inflation would have been the biggest concern for the American people. But after the Roe vs. Wade being overturned in the Supreme Court, it was the right to kill a baby that became the number one reason for voting Democrat. It was the number one reason that there were hundreds of thousands of new Democratic registers. Here in PA, it was the case as well. Plus, millions didn’t vote. I heard people say, “Why bother? It is rigged.” Many didn’t want to come out of hiding because they were simply too afraid to use their own voice, and their own right to choose. I am against Shapiro. I am against Fetterman. But I am not going to go around and demand recounts etc. It is what it is. Now, I just live my life, move forward and just stay who I am. I never met Wolf in person. I do not plan on meeting Shapiro or Fetterman either. But I can still use my voice, when I disagree with what they are doing. It is my right to do so and I will continue to speak up for those who cannot do it for themselves. I would have loved to have seen Senator Mastriano win as the new governor of Pennsylvania. However, I did not think this Commonwealth was ready for his type of radical change. (Which by the way, is not something new. It was just to bring this state back to its originality). I have said time and time again that change takes time. Now, I am not saying he wasn’t right in most of his concerns because he absolutely was. But the state of this nation did not become so corrupt over night. It took years and years. It will take years and years to fix it. It will take the pillars, of the good in people, to begin to turn the tides of what made this country so great. Don’t become bitter just because your candidate did not win, as that has never helped any one. We can’t add to the corruption. To have the abortion issue as the number one reason to vote Democrat, just proves how vile and how low this nation has fallen. But if I were to kill an eagle, or a puppy, I would be charged with animal cruelty. I can’t kill birds and animals, but I can kill an unborn child. In California, a baby can be murdered twenty-eight days after he or she is born. I am waiting for the earthquake, to drop part of that state into the Pacific. I mean, after all, how much is Almighty God supposed to put up with?

On another note, what is happening with President Trump and Governor DeSantis? This of course, is my personal opinion. But I believe Trump needs to be elected the next president. Why? He has the backbone to whip this country back into shape. Prove me wrong! Other countries respect him. They laugh at and do not take Biden seriously. I think DeSantis would do well to finish his term as governor first. This is how I personally would like to see this play out. Trump, DeSantis and Mastriano, in the White House at some point. I just don’t know the timing. I do not know all the details that would have to be worked out. But the issues with Trump and DeSantis, certainly are not helping any MAGA future results. In fact, it is turning some Republicans even further away from Trump. This is helping, how? Is it fake news, or is it truth? Is Trump upset that DeSantis might run against him for the Republican nominee in 2024? Can we all just get along!!! But if this is truth, I do believe that Trump has a point. He needs to precede DeSantis. People might not like Trump’s way of speaking, or how abrupt he is at times. But when a country such as ours in on the verge of becoming a communist one, we need someone with Trump’s fervor. I think then, once the country is back on its axis, a DeSantis and Mastriano ticket, would be to further the restoration of this nation. We have to think beyond President Trump, who can only run another four years. Mastriano would make an outstanding VP. Then, being mentored alongside President Trump, it could very well be a President Mastriano and a Vice President DeSantis run in 2028. There is hope for this country yet.

I know right now, it is hard to see how America can rise again, to the light she was created to be.

But remember…Lady Liberty is still standing!

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