Another night tossing and turning thinking of the elections. First, since I live in Pennsylvania, I want to discuss Fetterman. Just because the man had a stroke – this does not disqualify him from winning an election. Having Traumatic Brain Injury myself, I know how difficult it can be, to put words vocally together and have them make sense. The issues then become, is Fetterman’s mind capacity in tack? Can he think correctly and make wise decisions? Just because someone is Deaf and not vocal, doesn’t disqualify them either. There are other ways to communicate – American Sign Language and the services of an interpreter. Living here in PA, I never saw much of the man. During the pandemic only TWO people were visible; Senator Mastriano and Dr. Levine. I still have no idea exactly what Fetterman did for the Commonwealth. But now he is off to Congress. My thoughts are, he is another puppet on the Biden Administrations string; to say, to do and to vote how they want. Overnight, he became the poster child for the Biden Administration. Many voted for him because you know, it took guts to debate Dr. Oz and put himself out there. Well, it was a game and it worked. They played on the sympathies of the people and it was disgusting. Disabilities should not be taken advantage of. Why? Because it only downgrades the value and self worth of the person being used. But Fetterman didn’t care. He went right along with the game to win and he did! Silent voters stayed that way and what happened in Pennsylvania, should not have happened. Mastriano should have also won against Shapiro. But there again, the abortion and the Gay rights issues, were tops in millions of minds. It still remains to be seen, what voting machine did what, and if cheating can be proven.

I do not believe however, what Mastriano and his team accomplished was a failure. He brought so many out up from the pits of despair, during the pandemic, and gave us hope. He gave people a common ground and a meeting place with his daily fireside chats, to help bring some kind of normally, to an incredibly destructive situation. People were dying left and right, and he remained a constant steady light to those who lost loved ones. He helped to give people courage to “Walk as Free People,” when so many were afraid to walk out of their front doors. He made phone calls and had his team reach out to those who had no where to turn, when their livelihoods were shut down. He made hospital calls to the sick and visited those businesses that were in danger of being shut down, and that had shut down. This is the mark of a true American Conservative Patriot, with a heart for God and for the people.

I cannot but help to toss and turn at night, when I think of the state, this state is in that first started with the lights of liberty. Great men at Independence Hall signing the Declaration of Independence.

Photo by Trev Adams on Pexels.com

What would they think, if they could come back and witness the state of their nation today? I am sure they have been rolling in their graves. They didn’t fight to get free, just for the nation to be handcuffed and imprisoned, once again, due to tyranny. The US Military now, and the Vets who fought, the ones wounded and killed; they didn’t serve their country only to watch it die on their own soil, at the hands of their own government. I cannot even imagine their grief. They struggle to have their basic needs met, while illegals are given what should go to them. It’s a tragedy to the 100th degree!

Many want to up and move out of Pennsylvania. But, if we all do that there will be no history left. The Gettysburg Battlefields would turn all Yankee, and the Confederates would have no voice left.

These sacred fields, still ring out the voices of both the Union and Confederate Soldiers and cannot be silenced. What will become of Valley Forge where George Washington and the Continental Army encamped and supplies were scare? So much so, soldiers went without blankets or shoes. Where GW stated to his men:

My brave fellows, you have done all I have asked you to do, and more than can be reasonably expected;

but your country is at stake, your wives, your houses and all that you hold dear.”

Millions of you voted for a man who went crazy, yelling at a man who makes pillows. Let me repeat that again. Millions of you voted for a man, who is so weak that he yelled at a man who makes pillows. PILLOWS!!! Instead of a man, who fought for this country and continued to pour his heart and soul out for you. See, Mastriano didn’t discriminate. If you were a Democrat, he also fought to help you as well. Thank you, Senator Mastriano!

So, let me ask you this? What do you hold dear that you were so willing to let it all go? Those of us who are true Patriots are not willing to let it all go. We will continue to fight because our country is at stake!

Juliana Love

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