My decision to run for Mayor of Gettysburg at some point, is an easy one. My change to run as an “Independent” was not. (I am still checking into PA laws on the matter). If I cannot run or vote as an Independent, I will have to revert back to Republican as there is no way that I could ever be a Democrat. I have seen politics rip people to shreds, from opposite ends of the spectrum. There has not been a middle ground. If you are a Conservative Republican, you are automatically labeled a racist, who is against other races and the LGBTQ community. If you are far out Left, you have done so many wicked things that even as an Independent, I will still fight against you. But there are Democrats and Republicans who are not far right, nor are they far left. They are the ones like me, who are in the middle. The middle is where we need to be, to somehow bring back balance, grace, acceptance and to be approachable. I accept the LGBTQ community. I do not accept Drag Queens parading around in front of children. I do not accept transgender men, in female bathrooms nor in female sports. I do draw the line. But the problem here of late, is that we as a society have grouped everyone in two different categories – right or left! This has caused an incredible amount of hate, (on both sides); misunderstandings (on both sides); immense suffering (on both sides); and a lot of judgment (on both sides). I can no longer consider myself a full blown Republican. I have to “follow my heart,” as my amazing friend Kathy told me.

We as a Nation, cannot continue down this road, of it having to be left or right. Our country is dying before our very eyes because we are so divided. In her diary – Mary Boykin Chestnut wrote about the Civil War, “We are divorced North from South, because we hated each other so.” This is exactly what is going on now. We have divorced ourselves from anyone who has a different opinion. There again, (I do draw the line). But I am certainly not against anyone who is Gay. One of my own family members is Gay. So, do I just up and hate him for it? No! I love him just the same as when I thought he was straight. It simply is not my place to judge. But because I have been a Republican, I absolutely notice how the Gay community treats me – like I am an enemy and I truly am not. This kind of division is truly sad. It is destroying the root of the American dream and all she stands for.

I have seen cliques in the Republican party and for what? Were we not supposed to be on the same team, fighting for the same causes? But God forbid, I decide to go and pray with Democrats for Ukraine. (I got shunned by some Republicans). Quite frankly, I do not care. I just think it is pitiful and very sad that we cannot (at times), put politics aside and join as one for prayer. But that was part of my decision to leave the Republican party. I cannot stand the backbiting and the do as we think, or we won’t like you anymore. I follow no man. I follow the Lord Jesus Christ, and I do what is good in His eyes. If I am a rebel to the world, I am doing exactly what the Lord wants me to do! I want to make Him happy. So, there are no apologies for my Republican departure. I want to see people healed, and unified. I guess, I want to be a bridge from one party to the other. I don’t want to have to walk down the street and a Gay or Lesbian who knows me, thinks I am automatically judging them. I want to be approachable. I want to be able to share Jesus in such as way that it doesn’t sound condemning.

So that’s that.

Till next time, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Juliana Love

Reference: www.quotefancy.com


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