As we come to the close of 2022, here are my thoughts on where we are as a nation. Let’s see, Biden is still in the White House. But seriously, here is how utterly screwed up his administration is. People flying in from other countries need proof they are vaccinated. Oh! But wait. All they need to do if they don’t want to get the vax’s, is to just fly to the southern borders and they can just come on in without any. Men who transgendered to women are seriously out of their minds, when they whine and complain that they cannot breastfeed their newborn that their transgendered female partner had. Now, transgender men are claiming to have periods. Say what? I also just saw a clip from the Hodgetwins that a woman who became a man, grew a male body part. I don’t even understand how these people…nevermind!

Then, there is the story of the daughter of the baseball Hall of Famer, who abandoned her baby. She did alert the authorities. But she is now charged with all kinds of stuff. Oh! But wait again. She could have gotten a partial birth abortion, and if she lived in California, she could have just murdered the baby up to twenty-eight days without an investigation. So, in once instance, it is a possible homicide and in another it is “women’s rights.” I hope she can get help for any mental health issues she may have. I also hope that they can give her some kind of a lighter sentence because she did alert the authorities. Thankfully, the baby survived. But the point is, if she just got a late term abortion – she would have been able to murder her baby legally! It’s utterly horrific!!!

Yes folks, Satan is alive and well living here in America. This is the most demonic administration, in the history of this country! Kids are crying because they have to work an eight hour shift. Many of America’s boys, have turned into sissies because their parents haven’t taught them the value of hard work. Why? Because in the case of Socialism, you don’t have to work hard. You just get to sponge off those who do. The great American dream is at deaths door and all the Left can complain about, is STILL President Trump. The funny part, they continue to give him attention, and then turn around and bitch about him having attention.

Minds are deteriorating right before our very eyes, and millions act like it’s the new normal. Those of us who oppose this type of sickness are called, “racists.” Like, OMG! I wonder how much lower the Left can sink. Are they going to try to come up with even more genders? I saw a non binary gingerbread person. You know because we don’t want to offend anybody by a freakin gingerbread man! But kudos to Governor DeSantis for investing a possible Drag Queen show in front of children. I have said all along, I am absolutely against this type of behavior. Those participating, the venue and the parents need to be charged with child abuse! Because what parent in their right mind would take their child to see sexually explicit shows? There again, minds are deteriorating and unless it is stopped and stopped soon, it is possible generations will be “demented, deranged, out of one’s mind, having lost control of one’s mental faculties” and possibly lost forever. Demons are real. Ignoring them or denying them doesn’t make them go away. It only causes them to latch on tighter. If they want brownie points with Satan, they go and find even bigger and more powerful ones then they are, and bring them back with them. Let me tell you what else they do. They laugh at your foolishness! Their purpose, is to cause your mind to falter to the point, you are no longer making the decisions. They are. The medical world assess it as “dementia.” But they do not dig deep enough to the underlying cause. Dementia is the result. Demonic entities are the reason. This is precisely what is going on with Biden. He is so full of arrogance that it is destroying his ability to function as a normal human being. People try to pass his crap off as illness, without understanding the underlying issues. America, is not his number one priority. He is! But why are these leaders so relentless on destroying America? Here is the answer using three Bible translations in Romans 1:28.

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge,

God gave them over to a reprobate mind to do those things which are not fitting.” KJ21

And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God or consider Him worth knowing [as their Creator],

God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do things which are improper and repulsive.” AMP

And since they did not consider it worthwhile to hold on to the true knowledge of God,

God handed them over to a corrupted mind to do things that should never be done.” EHV

Reprobate is defined as: “to condemn strongly as unworthy, unacceptable, or evil.”

Improper is defined as: “not in accordance with accepted rules or standards, especially of morality or honesty.”

Repulsive is defined as: “intense distaste or disgust, revolting, disgusting, loathing, hateful, detestable.”

Depraved is defined as: “morally corrupt, WICKED.”

They took God out, and He gave them over!

This is what we are dealing with and why! Keep your mind clean and keep God in your heart!!! America needs God! So, as we go into a new year, “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” I cannot say that for you or your family. But the ONLY hope for this country is HIM!

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15 KJV

Happy New Year!

Juliana Love


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