If I could save time in a bottle…” Jim Croce

It is such a beautiful song. Time is precious. We cannot contain it, hold it, or freeze it. Yet time, is something people like the new Governor Shapiro denies to the unborn. They deny them the right to run for office; to become a musician and write beautiful lyrics; to become doctors to help save other humans; or perhaps a vet to help save animals; some could be soldiers in the military; filmmakers; or just stay at home moms. They deny the time that they themselves have been allowed to experience! They deny them the chance to fall in love; or to explore other cultures and countries; or even to explore space where galaxies are billions of light years away. These are the days where some call good-evil, and evil-good. These are the days where the likes of Pelosi, Schumer and Harris, are outraged that a helpless infant who survives an abortion is not legally entitled to medical care, to help save him or her. Because you know, it goes against, “Women’s reproductive rights.” I think Mastriano would have had a much better chance if his abortions restrictions, did not include when the mother’s life was in danger. But knowing someone very close to me that had an ectopic pregnancy, had she not have had the life saving surgery, she would have died. If Mastriano’s daughter in law suffered the same thing, would he just let her die due to his Christian beliefs, or would he want her to be saved? I think in these instances, he needed to put himself in their shoes. God provided medical knowledge for a reason. People die all the time waiting for God to show up and fix them. We live in a very imperfect, evil world. We have to allow for some things that ultimately go against our beliefs. Saving the mother’s life – is something abortion (surgery) should be allotted for. The baby is already not able survive. Would Jesus just say, “Okay! Mother, you can die too.” Or would He say, “I provided a way for you to heal.” In a perfect world, the baby and mother would both be healthy. But look around you. Our world is growing darker by the second. I understand that abortions laws have to pass legislature for the governor to pass or veto. So, I do get that Mastriano, if elected governor, would have had to wait for those things to get to him. But Shapiro has already stated, he will veto any and all abortion restrictions. Which is downright disgusting. I am sure at some point they will want to do what California did, and allow a baby to die twenty-eight days after he or she is born. This, without an investigation. We live in evil times! It is oppressive to have to live in a world like this. Some people demand that animals not be abused by those who use them for experiments. But on the other hand, demand that they themselves be allowed to murder a baby. This is twisted and toxic thinking that leads to mental illness. It is demonic! A normal thinking person, would not want either. But if you are cruel to an animal you are arrested. But those doing these experiments, it is for the sake of science! I do believe that people are dying fast, and they are dying young from the COVID vaccines. I do not agree the vaccines are responsible for every death lately. But look on Social Media, and people are dying more and more. It is happening to celebrities and people are freaking out. I have to ask why, when they are only human too. Some, like Diamond, were completely unexpected. This powerhouse of a Patriot! Truly her light shined for all to see. This is why we have to to cherish time. “We must carry out the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night is coming, when no one can work.” John 9:4 NASB. We are commanded to, “Walk while you have the Light, so that darkness will not overtake you.” John 12:35 BSB. Those who forget God and walk away from the Light, the only other alternative is to walk in darkness because it will literally overtake them. It is evident from the condition of the world we live in. To be outraged that a baby is entitled to medical attention if he or she survives and abortion, is one word…EVIL! Evil is who Satan is. So, when people allow darkness to overtake them, it is ultimately the devil.

We are starting our 14th year with Summer Ray. My book and film series. Yes! I do get weary because we haven’t started production on the pilot yet. But I cannot be focused on the time it is taking to get to production, and ultimately distribution because this will all happen in God’s timing. Even though God is outside of time, He created night, day, seasons, and He works within the confines of gravity and time in our world. The title of the film series is even called “A Redemption in Time.” I am starting a “Summer Ray, Light the World Foundation.” I want this story to be a light, in a very dark world. It is the work that I am to do for the Lord. To view the book/film website: www.thememoirsofsummerray.com.


Set in the small historical town of Gettysburg, is where our protagonist Summer Ray’s life, drastically changes. Her dreams of being on the Olympic US Figure Skating team are dashed as she comes face to face with the horrors of a Civil War past that she unintentionally collides with. After suddenly slipping down Big Round Top in the ice and snow, Summer cuts her hand on a thorn bush, and as her blood seeps through the snow, an unimaginable scene takes place; the rising of the Union and Confederate Unknown Soldiers. It is the Archangel Michael who deems them, “The Guardians of Gettysburg.” Yet in the midst of this grand new army, stands an angry, cold hearted and bitter ghost, named General Michael Moses McDaniels. He was promoted in rank by the Angel Ambriel, to watch over the soldiers. The antagonist is the fallen angel, Woeburn. He is the Prince of Darkness and resides at Devil’s Den. It is due to the rising of the Unknowns that he has demanded Summer Ray’s demise.

Torn between his hate of women, and his need to protect this mortal girl, has caused a cataclysmic clash, in the General McDaniels own butchered soul. Summer’s promise of peace to the ghost soldiers is sadly forgotten, when she is critically injured in a car accident and suffers a Traumatic Brain Injury. This only reinforces the general’s resentment! It wasn’t until years later that Summer Ray comes face to face with her promise as she revisits the town of Gettysburg, and thus begins the adventure into the secrets of the past, present and trying to help history survive the future. As Summer defiantly tries to hang on to her old uninjured self, and as the General McDaniels tries to dismiss her, both are soon found to be an impossibility as their need for each other becomes more and more apparent. But as proven in the world of Summer Ray, this story’s unpredictability is gut wrenching at times, but also immensely compelling and relatable in how having faith, one can overcome insurmountable odds.

Cherish time! Spend more of it on self- care, with your family, on the battlefield, or taking a walk enjoying nature. We have to stop taking time for granted, “fail to properly appreciate.” Thomas Paine once said, “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” So, start by spreading light because with each sunray, it is powerful. “And the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overtake it.” John 1:5 KJV

Satan cannot defeat the Light. But humans can walk away from it, and give him to right to overtake them. These are spiritual laws! In order to begin the world over again as Thomas Paine said, it has to start with following the Light and He is the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

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