Living in Gettysburg, I am surrounded by the history that once blighted this small historical town. I write about it, take photos of the battlefields and I am also in the process of filming about it. www.thememoirsofsummerray.com!

GETTYSBURG at sunrise!

Tillie Pierce, was only fifteen years old when she witnessed the Battle of Gettysburg, and she wrote in her diary,

May the heart of this fair land, be forever inclined unto wisdom.

So that we may never fall into the folly of another war and be compelled to pay the fearful penalty that is sure to follow.”

America is facing another Civil War. In fact, we are already in it. The Biden/Obama regime sold out to China. They shot down down the balloon and whatever else was out there. But enough time was given for the Chinese government to extract data. China on the other hand, acts angry – as an act! The war America is in, is not about the North fighting against the South. It is about the far out Lefts and the Patriots. This isn’t about being a Democrat or a Republican. This is about America’s patriotism being sold out to a foreign country. This is about America being sold out to a Hitler type regime that takes away our God given freedoms that have been won in battle by our military – past, present and I have no doubt – future!

This is about dictatorship and the government ruling its people!

This is not the people presenting our needs and being heard. This is about a tyrannical government, who is making everyday living almost impossible for its citizens to thrive and be successful. This is about rent that is raised to astronomical levels that such everyday people need help. This is about everyday citizens also needing help just to buy food. I am talking hardworking Americans working two or three jobs within the household, and still cannot keep up. This is about factories and plants burning, livestock by the thousands dying overnight. This is about the cost of eggs reaching three times its price than when Trump was in office. This is about bread and milk that have doubled in their prices as well. These are everyday items that people rely on. Then because of this, and with skyrocketing gas prices, American’s are suffering. The stress of not being able to feel free to just go out for drive now, due to not being able to afford it – causes emotional, mental and sometimes physical stress. But this is their plan all along and that is to drive the heart and soul of the American people to its knees. So that we would gladly accept what their government has to offer. Then, when they begin to reduce the prices that they drove up, we will turn and think they are so wonderful that we will keep them in office! It is manipulation and deception at its best and the work of Satan himself. Telling the American people that gas stoves will have to be banned as well as gas cars, with electric grids that cannot handle even what they have to deal with now, is simply a death sentence to many Americans in the winter time. This was proven when the windmills during that deep freeze in Texas froze, and were partly responsible for people also freezing to death. This tragedy should be learned from. When we had -17 windchills here in Pennsylvania, we we told to conserve energy. Why? Because the grids were also freezing. But battery operated generators, or battery operated gas stoves – like one for camping – still provided heat and food. Yet, they are to be banned. But does the Obama/Biden Administration care about the American people? Deep freezes and wind chills do not discriminate. Rising inflation doesn’t either. So, what they do to the Republicans, they also do to the Democrats and the Independents. They could care less about humanity except their own. They care about saving their own asses and nothing more. But when the prices start to fall and there is relief, Biden becomes like a knight in shining armor to some people, and they in turn will vote for him and other far out Lefts.

The sick and twisted part, is the simple fact that it was Biden that brought them harm in the first place.

My thoughts are this. China has enough dirt on the Obama/Biden regime that they call the shots. Biden doesn’t want his son in a federal prison for treason! America has become a puppet on China’s string.

This would not be if Trump were in office!!!

President Trump, you have my utmost support. But I would advise you against having Nikki Haley as your running mate. This woman is ultimately responsible for the destruction of our Confederate history. Although General Lee still stands here in Gettysburg, sadly he does not in other places!

You will lose the Republican bid for the presidency, if she stands beside you. I doubt that any Confederate descendant will vote for you, if this happens. If you are looking for a woman as a running mate, Kari Lake or Candace Owens are brilliant choices. But stay clear of the above! I believe you are to be our next president. You must be elected to undo the damage Biden had forced on the American people. You will close the borders. You will open again the Keystone Pipeline. You will put China back in its place, just to name a few. But do not allow the above woman to stand beside you. It will prove to be a disaster. I also believe that DeSantis will be the next president after you. We need you before him, to whip this country back into the shape in which you left it. As Tillie Pierce stated may, “we be forever inclined unto wisdom…”

In closing,

Juliana Love

Reference: https://digital.library.upenn.edu/women/alleman/gettysburg/gettysburg.html

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