Sometimes, it takes me a few days to process something before I can write about it. Which usually means, I come out swinging! First of all, Jill Biden kissing the lips of Kamala’s husband. I have one word, “YUCK!” No two, “GROSS.” No three, “EMBARRASSING!” See Joe that is how it is done!!!

Is this the standard America has fallen to? I mean, seriously! It is like they are running a kindergarten romper room. She dresses like she is a flower child of the sixties. Okay! Maybe she is. But – when I think of a First Lady, I think of Melania. She is total class and how a First Lady should be, and also Jacqueline Kennedy. This is the representation of the country they are the first women of. Jill tries to retain the youth that she no longer has. Somewhere along the way she lost it and wearing teenage boots and fish net stockings, isn’t going to bring it back! Period.

My heart grieves for America’s higher standards. Satan is alive and well on the Grammys stage. https://julianalove.com/2023/02/07/gods-knowledge/. And why do entertainers feel the need to grab their crotches in front of a world wide audience, KNOWING children are also watching? Although I thought Rihanna being suspended in mid air was extraordinarily brave, I also thought it was extraordinarily irresponsible, especially being pregnant. But why the other? How does that behavior add to a performance. Where the hell is George Straight? I guess that is what I am missing. The good old days where there wasn’t so much filth and trash accepted, and where there was only ONE National Anthem. So, let’s talk about that shall we! So, there is a Black National Anthem. Pretty soon there will be a Mexican one; an Asian one and so forth. So, if someone doesn’t stand for the Black National Anthem, it’s because they hate Blacks and are racists… right? Don’t ever ask me to stand for it! I stand for the only National Anthem. But let me get this straight. If you sit for my anthem that is okay. But if I sit for yours, it isn’t. You know because I am all about White Supremacy and all! But back in the day, it didn’t matter the skin color of the football players. They just played the game and back then, it was family event. This was until Kaepernick started to kneel, while the anthem was playing. The National Anthem refers to the entire nation as a whole and every race, creed and color under the American flag.

To play a Black Anthem at the Super Bowl is sacrilegious. It goes against everything this country was founded on. It is a “violation or misuse of what is regarded as sacred.” To pinpoint Blacks and leave other races out, is favoritism. This is the very thing Whites get accused of having. To have a Black woman on stage; to have Black quarterbacks, it is safe to say that Blacks in this country, are extremely successful. Just look at Beyonce or Lionel Riche. (I absolutely adore him by the way). But to isolate them with their own anthem, gives them (there again), favoritism that is not deserved. ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL! Not one Black is a slave in this country! So, we have to stop using that as an excuse. America has come a long way since the Civil War. But to continue on with this type of preferred treatment, keeps the Civil War as active and as disunified as ever. There was even an Official Apology for Slavery. So, please…enough already! I am not saying to forget it. I am saying to stop using it as an excuse to get special and isolated treatment. I hate to break it anyone, we are all of the same value – regardless of our skin color. We all bleed the same color too!

But now, we have a President who goes against the Supreme Court, by signing executive orders trying to help the abortion industry. But because of inflation, you know, he has to make sure abortion is accessible. This, you know, is to make sure that these helpless babies don’t starve to death after they are born. You know, because America is such a third world country. Well Biden, it wasn’t when Trump was in office! You are the reason we have been reduced to such a lowlife state. You are the reason people are suffering the way they are. You are the reason people cannot afford their everyday needs to be met. Oh! But you and your Socialistic goals, are to make people dependent on you. I would say the government. But that isn’t what you have been after. You and Obama want control. Yours is not a government like President Lincoln spoke of. When he wrote his Gettysburg Address, “of the people, by the people, for the people.” It is by the Obama/Biden Administration. There are not many people I wish would rot in Hell. I hope Hitler is and the two of you, are not far behind. If you think that Father God has not seen your actions, you are both sadly mistaken. You are a disgrace to this country and its founding! But the sad part is, you know that and you simply do not care about its founding. You are trying to create a new Socialistic America. You are trying to do away with Patriotism altogether. You are trying to do away with freedom altogether. So, that America’s citizens will have to be under your dictatorship – like Hitler. I bet you are even working on a new pandemic with China. Why? Because enough people weren’t killed off (especially the elderly on Social Security and retirement); enough businesses were not destroyed; enough people haven’t become dependent. You are trying to kill off hard working and innocent people, and keep the borders open. This is to ensure that Democrats will win in future elections. After all to illegals, you are a god!

America – wake up! As Senator Mastriano says, “Walk as free people!” But the problem with this is, there are so many brainwashed and lazy people out there, who don’t want to be free. Why? Because it is easier to follow than it is to stand up to the tyranny. On the other hand, there are some truly scared people out there. People are beaten down and have become sick, weak, miserable and suicidal. This is not what a government is supposed to reduce its citizens to.

That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Abraham Lincoln

Father God, I pray that You grant me boldness, upon boldness, upon boldness,

to stand up against the Hell that has been brought to the shores of the American people. In Jesus Name…Amen

References: google search; www.dictionary.com; https://www.abrahamlincolnonline.org/lincoln/speeches/gettysburg.htm

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