Fetterman, let’s talk! First of all, I am very sorry for what you are dealing with. Health issues suck and God knows, I have a few of my own. But you never should have run for the Senate. Period! You were not well enough and you have only been in office, what a month? And now you have checked yourself into a hospital for Clinical Depression. You have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF. They chose you. You took the bait and here we are. They could not force you to run. You did that on your own. It was way more than what you could handle. IT IS CALLED PRIDE and DECEIT! Now you are paying for it. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is paying for it!

So, let’s jump over to Shapiro. Oh like, Wow! Thank you so much for testing the water up yonder, though it has been two weeks since the disaster first happened. I hope Mastriano confirms via his investigation that you were negligent, and they start the proceedings to impeach you!

If it were your family up there suffering from a chemical and environmental disaster, like Dr. Levine, you would have gotten them out IMMEDIATELY!!!

It is my understanding this is a very Republican town. Is that the reason for the delayed response? I am just speculating. But it does seem rather odd. Shapiro, you also stated, “The state should not be in the business of putting people to death.” My mind is officially blown. It takes a lot to do that. But this hypocrisy, is the absolute worst I have ever heard of. The great state of Pennsylvania; the land of abortions! You will veto any legislation that comes across your desk that limits putting to death the lives of the unborn. Yet, this state should not be in the business of putting people to death. I get that. But I also get that it shouldn’t be murdering INNOCENT babies either. You claim to have moral standards. Mastriano has real moral standards that he actually lives by. You have them when it suits you and your voters. He carries his standards on his sleeve!

He takes it with him wherever he goes, including to the Capitol Building!

He is even taking it with him to that train derailment, to have a meeting with those effected. What you have done, is an absolute impeachable offense and needs to be dealt with immediately. This, to prevent further harm to the citizens of the state, you don’t want any death in! Can you be anymore disgusting?

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