John Eckhardt, a Christian author, wrote a statement that has stuck with me since the first time I heard it, and that statement is,

The history of man has been determined by war!”

While driving, the Lord spoke to me, about how country is only as strong as its military. Once the military is weakened, so is the protection. This is why abortion is so dismantling to a nation that accepts it. Future generations are gone. Generations of young boys and girls that could have grown up to enlist in the Army, Navy, Airforce or Marines. Generations that could have grown up to be the strength of our country. We saw this when Biden removed the military from Afghanistan. They are no longer protected. While other countries are building their military strength, we are losing it. We are allowing our intelligence to be leaked and used against us. The Obama/Biden administration is, on purpose, deceiving the American people into thinking they are doing everything possible to help our failing economy. Yeah right! This is why trains are derailing almost every week. When before it was only like every few years. Factories are blowing up, chicken houses are too, and why something as important as eggs have skyrocketed in price. Farmers are facing heavy fines that they are forced to sell of some of their land. This way, Gates and others like him, can buy it. But it is all part of the plan to dismantle the foundation of the America. So, what is dismantle? It is defined as, “to take apart the pieces, take down, to strip it of its dress or covering, annihilate, bankrupt, demolish, wipe out, exterminate, massacre, FINISH OFF!” See, Satan does his dirty work a piece at a time, so it looks like nothing is happening. Or, it looks like since it is just a small thing, it isn’t to be worried about. But over time, all those small pieces start to add up. It is like the frog sitting in the boiling pot of water. At first, the heat is no big deal. But then over time, it heats up and he is done for. Why? Because he wasn’t aware of what was happening. The heat was being turned up little by little, and the person doing the turning up knew.

Many Americans are not aware of what is happening. But the Obama/Biden administration knows. What is one or two factories being destroyed? But over the course of months or even a year or two, when more and more are catching fire, this is a serious problem. This combined with other food sources and gas sources being stopped, it then becomes a catastrophe. But when it gets to this point, like that frog that is now dying in boiling water, it will be too late to stop it. A catastrophe is a disaster that the Obama/Biden administration is waiting to happen. They are working towards this. It is defined as, “an event causing great and often sudden damage or suffering; a disaster.” It might seem sudden, but it was in the works for years. This is the President of the United States doing this. Why? What is his purpose?

They want to do away with America as we knew it. They want to get rid of the Declaration of Independence

Library of Congress

and other founding documents. They want to create a new America that is based on Socialism. They cannot do this, if the Patriots of the Past, are staring them in the face, with current day Patriots fighting them. They want to make life a living nightmare for those who disagree with them. But the sad part is that those who stand with them, are in delusion that they will be separated from the disaster that their own leaders created. It will hit them just as hard. Did not COVID affect the Democrats too? This is called subjugation. It is defined as, “the action of bringing someone or something under domination or control.” If we do not get it together, they will create a military that operates like Hitlers did. They will conform to the will of the dictator that is in control. Do not think that the Obama/Biden administration cannot and will not remove any solider, if he or she does not comply. They will remove them with a dishonorable discharge and throw them away like they do the wounded warriors. This history of man has been determined by wars. So, what do you think the future holds for our children and grandchildren, and so forth here in America? If this regime is not stopped, America will cease to exist as a free nation.

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

America, you are in that water that is heating up. If we do not take a stand to defend and to protect our freedom, there will soon come a time when it will be too late!

I STAND! I will continue to do my part and do everything I can to not let that happen.


Reference: www.dictionary.com; www.thesaurus.com


  1. We must persevere and fight against their evil ways. Pa is in danger with this train wreck right at our doorstep while josh partied superbowl weekend. When will the people stand up ENOUGH!! Keep writing your absolutely necessary articles.

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