Joy Behar of “The View,” you are a dumb, stupid and heartless bitch! It’s all Trump’s fault the train derailed. The people who voted for him up yonder, near that train derailment KARMA! Right? You are all getting what you deserve because it’s Trump’s fault and he went up there to try and make amends. Right? Fair warning, this blog is going to be set on fire. Remember, you have been warned!

Okay, Joy! Here’s the deal. You voted for Biden. Millions of other people did too. Inflation doesn’t really affect you because you are rich. But what about those other Democrats who are not so rich and are struggling every single day, just to put food on the table. What about COVID? The OBAMA/BIDEN clan are in league with China, who are directly responsible for it. But people still voted for them. Many Democrats died, lost a loved one/s, had their businesses shut down and some for good, got COVID and are still sick with it. Are these people who are being oppressed, just as much as Republicans are, to blame? Are their deaths what they deserved too? Those little ole’ grandmas and grandpas in nursing homes who were also Democrats, did they deserve to die from COVID? When it was their own Democratic governors like Governor Wolf or State Health officials, like Dr. Levine, who put COVID infected patients back into their nursing homes? Come on, Joy. Was it their fault? Did they too, get what they deserve? I mean after all, they voted for Wolf and other Democratic governors. I mean, seriously? Is the simple fact that millions of Democrats across this country who cannot pay for gas, due to the president that they voted for, is this their punishment? If it’s the Republicans fault that they are being poisoned by chemicals, then surely all the evil that is happening now to these Democrats, must be their fault too. What I find so ironic, is how much of an fing hypocrite you really are. The sky could be falling and it’s Trump’s fault. Joy, you are so deranged from hating him that you have zero understanding of reality. Instead of showing some kind of compassion, you basically tell these people that they got what they deserved. It is sickening and you should be permanently removed from being on the air!

I remember 911, when both Democrats and Republicans came together. The FDNY firefighters, didn’t stop to ask while they were climbing the stairs of the World Trade Centers, “Are you a Republican or a Democrat.” They didn’t stop to ask, “What is your nationality?,” either. Hundreds of them lost their lives to help others and they didn’t give a damn about anyone’s color, or political stance. Is this what it will take, another 911 for Americans on both sides of the aisle to call a truce and care about each other again? When the flag will become a symbol of hope again, and not a symbol of “Racism,” and “White Supremacy“!

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After hurricanes or other natural disasters, people put their political agendas aside for the sake of humanity and helped each other. Why? Because the wind did not differentiate between political parties. It just destroyed whatever or whoever was in its path. COVID didn’t go, “Oh! Let me jump over this house because it’s a Democratic one, and go to that house full of Republicans.” I don’t see any segregated pumps at the gas stations either. So Joy, again. Are the Democrats who voted for Biden also getting what they deserve? They must be! I mean after all, since the Republicans in East Palestine, Ohio and those across the border into PA who voted for Trump are. This works both ways…RIGHT? I repeat.

You are a dumb, stupid and heartless bitch and people like you, are what is truly wrong with America.

You have no compassion because you are so filled with hate and bitterness. Compassion is defined as, “sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.” Joy that definitely does not describe you. I think your parents should have given you a different name because a JOY, you certainly are not!!!



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