Okay! First of all Kamala, can you please stop looking like a bobblehead on a dashboard? But I actually, believe it or not, I liked some of your speech. Now, let’s talk about Biden’s speech at the Black History Month reception. He’s a White boy and he isn’t stupid. Yet, he says that he gave billions of dollars to Ukraine, and then stated that America is out of money. And this isn’t stupid? Actually, it is deliberately made to look like the stupid dealings, of someone who is elderly and slightly demented. So, there is pity. All of this, is to make Americans more dependent upon the government. How do they do that? They raise taxes, cut tax breaks and by other means of inflation. They burn up oil refineries to make gas so expensive that for some, it costs more to drive to work and back, then it is to live off of welfare. But we are out of money, and yet it is still okay to give billions to Ukraine.

I see the grief on President Trump’s face and it is the pain of a true American leader. In two years of Biden taking office, all HELL has been let loose, on our beautiful country and immense suffering on our people. Yet, it isn’t over. The Obama/Biden Administration, will continue their reign of terror and unleash their hatred on our land of freedom, until they are stopped. The only person capable of fixing what they have destroyed, is Trump not DeSantis. I have said this before. DeSantis does not have Trump’s incredibly powerful backbone. After Trump comes back and completes his last term and puts things back into order, than I do believe it will be DeSantis who will manage and lead America from there. America has become a cesspool of filth! But thank God, He is causing a revival, to overtake this land and it is awesome! See, Satan cannot stop what God is doing. He never could. God will always outdo him. I take heart knowing that Biden, at most, has less than two more years left in office. But he can do a lot more damage by then. We all knew that the Coronavirus came from China. We all knew that the media tried to cover it up and we also knew that the Obama/Biden Administration did too, or they blamed Trump. Yawn!!!

TRUMP 2024


This is my take on this chemical spill in Ohio. To me, it was only a test to see how people would react; how fast they would react; how sick it would make people and what it would do to the animals and fish….namely the ecosystem. How far would the chemicals spread once they were burned? What leaders would do what? What water supply did it effect and how far?

Believe me, those responsible are taking notes.

There will be more viruses, more chemical accidents and more threats to the American people, by leaders who claim they care about us. It is like sheep being led to the slaughter. I, for one, refuse to follow any of them! Biden is NOT my president and he never was. I stand beside and behind President Trump. I join with others, who are also helping to see him get reelected.

“Folks, I don’t think the Good Lord brought us — any of us — this far to leave us behind.” Joe Biden

This is also the President of the United States. Terrance Williams in his video, is spot on.

He didn’t go to East Palestine Ohio because he got on ZOOM to check on them?

But he went to UKRAINE ? Why he couldn’t get on ZOOM with Zelensky.”



Folks, I don’t think the Good Lord brought us – any of us – this far to leave us behind.” Please tell me where my God approves of abortion. “Folks, we have to stand together to protect women’s right to choose.” This is one of the most blasphemes things I have ever heard. Just to be clear, blasphemes is defined as, “the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk.” So Biden, what you are saying is this. It was the Good Lord that brought you and our country this far, where killing babies even after they are born, is legal. You mean to tell me that God creates babies, only to murder them? Just to be clear again. Sacrilege is defined as, “violation or misuse of what is regarded as sacred.”

To which I will say to Biden,

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.” Hebrews 10:31 (KJV)

Lastly, I am not against Black History Month. I think Americans should support African American owned businesses, if they fill a need in their lives, and other nationalities businesses in this country as well, especially Chinese. The Coronavirus was not their fault. This also includes the LGBTQ community. I also believe that any Christian who denies the patronage of this community, is simply not practicing the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are not to judge. We are to love. However, this does not mean that I think children should be allowed to watch a drag queen perform. I absolutely do not. I also draw the line at allowing males who have transitioned into females, to be allowed in female sports and restrooms. Now, as for one of Biden’s statements,

In faith and action, policy and culture, and so much more, we see the vibrancy of Black culture and history enriching all of American life — all of American life.  A history that can’t be buried because it lives in the soul of this nation.”

What a lot of people do not understand is the simple fact that it was Blacks in Africa, who sold Blacks to America. Slavery was a part of the world, at that time. I am absolutely thankful that it was abolished. But to remove great women like Aunt Jemima off of the pancake boxes and syrup:

Due to the ‘Mammy’ stereotype’s historical ties in slavery, Quaker Oats announced in June 2020 that the Aunt Jemima brand would be discontinued ‘to make progress toward racial equality,’ leading to the Aunt Jemima image being removed by the fourth quarter of 2020.

Let’s be real! Shall we? Isn’t the simple fact that she was famous, a way of making progress toward racial equality? Other companies have changed their brands due to racism as well. But most of these companies have it backwards and lost big. So instead of promoting racial equality, they buried a history that Biden said couldn’t be! They buried the soul, fortitude and legacies of these amazing people as well, and it is just plain sad. This is ignorance at its best!

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