I actually tried to do a video about what I am about to write. But it would have ended up an hour long. So, the next best thing is to write a blog. I saw two very disturbing videos, both by transgender men who identify as women. The following is what what said:

*We are going to do the unthinkable.

*We are putting matters back into our hands.

*Because society has failed us; the government has failed us.

*We just want to be free to live our lives.

*Society thinks we are bad people.

*You will respect us!

First of all, let me address the last statement. I don’t have to do any damn thing. I don’t have to respect you. I don’t even have to like you. I am not in the military. You are not an authority figure over me. You are not my mother or father, teacher or anyone else that I care about, to even want to respect. I am a Conservative Christian. Do you respect me? Your answer to that is, “Oh hell no!” So, why do I need to respect you? See, the difference is, I honestly don’t give a damn what you think of me. I simply could care less if you respect me or not. Your opinions of me, do not matter.

Hate me all you want, call me names all you want,

it isn’t going to force me into an action that you are demanding of me.

It also isn’t going to make me use threats against you. Why? Because my not caring; my knowing my self worth is in the Lord Jesus Christ, allows my feathers not to be ruffled. Unlike yours! You are claiming that we as a society and the government has failed you. Wrong! We are adhering to normal behavioral boundaries that if a straight person crossed them, they would be arrested. For instance, children at Drag shows. Due to the perversion, sexual misconduct, half naked men and women, children should not be exposed to this as it is pornography. Men who have transgendered into women, should not be allowed in female sports, locker rooms or bathrooms. Why? Males are biologically stronger than females. Just because they can’t deal with their manhood and transgender into a female, doesn’t make void that fact. Females are greatly at a disadvantage when having to compete against biological males. Now, the bathroom or the locker rooms. If a straight male went into either and exposed himself, he would be arrested. Yet, it is supposed to be considered acceptable by society, if a transgender male who identifies as a female, to be allowed to do so without punishment. This is precisely why, transgenders are starting to lash out. It was said that over $700,000 dollars has already been raised. To say, “we are putting matters back into our hands,” sounds like it will be another Antifa or a BLM movement, which ultimately turns into domestic terrorism. We have already seen protests with transgenders attacking non trans people. As for Audrey Hale, he, who identified as a she, was not only a bad person but an evil one at that. Anyone who can go into a school or church and murder innocent children and adults is an evil person. Did Audrey target the Christian school because of Christians stance against homosexuality and such? I have no idea. But according to the Biden Administration trans people need love and encouragement. What about those six innocent lives? Did they deserve love and encouragement? Did they deserve to be murdered at the hands of a Satanic killer? But we are to feel sorry for Audrey. We are to have memorials for this person. Okay! But what about those he killed? I feel grief for their families, friends and classmates. I feel pain for those three children, whose lives were cut so brutally short. Audrey Hale, I would say to you, you were definitely not only a bad person, but an evil one. If the transgender community doesn’t like it. Tough shit! Also, please tell me how the weapon shot them up all by itself. It amazes me how the tools are to blame, and not the person using them. Since assault weapons are to be banned, then you better start banning planes, box cutter, knives, bombs and anything else one can use to murder an innocent person. Oh! You don’t want to ban airplanes because they take you on your nice happy little vacations? Why the double standard? Wasn’t it planes that murdered over 3,000 innocent lives with 911? Or was it the terrorists responsibility? Audrey was shot and killed because he, who identified as a she, was a domestic terrorist. But we are supposed to feel sorry for him, who identified as a her. It is my turn to say it, “Oh hell no!” The trans community wants to use that as an excuse to turn to violence. This is no different than Antifa and the BLM movements. They wanted an excuse to break the moral and legal boundaries. They want us to accept their crooked behavior and they lash out when we do not. Oh! And Bud Light! Are you seriously out of your mind? Dylan, who was celebrating his womanhood, and you went and put his face, who identified as a her face, on a can of beer. I stand with Kid Rock! Surely, there were other real women out there, who are far more worthy. What about a single mom working a full time job and also going to college full time, to better her life? What about a disabled woman who volunteers in her community? What about a soldier in the Armed Forces serving our country, or a doctor? Surely, these women deserved your recognition. But nope! You had to suck up to the trans community and promote Dylan, who promised even though he who identifies as a she was so hot, that she wouldn’t steal anyone’s husband. Golly jeepers. I am so unbelievably scared of such hotness! But I have to admit, some of the memes and videos are hilarious. But Bud Light, you just insulted every real woman in America, past and present. I am anxious to see how much your sales have dropped. I feel sorry for the Clydesdales. They have to put up with your crap. But the rest of us, who find this repulsive, we don’t have to spend another dime on you!!!

Lastly, I do not believe that all the transgenders are bad people. I do not condone anyone threatening them either. There needs to be a way to live peacefully, though there are in many ways, opposing sides. I won’t tolerate them crossing moral and legal boundaries, but I also won’t tolerate anyone threatening or harassing them either. The North and South are no longer at war. But the war of good vs. evil is alive and well!

To President Trump: I love you so much! “The gates of Hell will not prevail.” Matthew 16:18 (ESV)

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