I am celebrating my 365th day of womanhood, like OMG! I’m such an airhead that I don’t even know what sports are. If only Bud Light had a brain. Oh but wait! Dylan Mulvaney is not an athlete. But yet, the he who became a she, is the one Nike chose to do a brand deal with. Let’s start with the fact that Dylan parades around as a little girl, who also looks anorexic. There is nothing sexy about this transgender. Yet Nike has made the he, who became a she, a paid ambassador. That video of Dylan dancing around in a sports bra and yoga pants, is simply hideous. In fact, the he who became a she, is down right revolting. But we are to all be accepting because kindness is, well you know, kind. Bullshit! As a woman athlete, the above is so insulting and repulsive that it is hard to even imagine any business being this stupid. A major swimsuit retailer, also uses a transgender male to also be their spokesperson. Because you know, we must cater to the LGBTQ community. Here’s a thought. Give them their own brands. Give them their own bathrooms. Give them their owns sports teams and have them compete against each other. Give them their own locker rooms. But this costs money. I get it. But with the money you could have saved from lost sales, this would have saved your sorry asses! Bud Light aka Anheuser Bush and Nike, will never be able to live down the fact that they just pissed off half of their buyers, who will never spend another dime on their products. Even if they do damage control, it is too late for them to recoup. It won’t happen, ever! Dylan Mulvaney is disgusting. Yet, the he who became a she, is promoted all over this country. What makes Dylan so repulsive, is the fact that he is skin and bones. But according to him, his hotness is so great that he had to promise others that he won’t steal their husbands. But Dylan also parades around as a little girl; a child. This is mental illness, folks. There is nothing normal about this. Yet, there again, we are to be kind and accepting. Let’s see. If I saw someone lying on the ground with two broken legs, am I supposed to be kind and say, “Oh! How sweet. You have two broken legs.” Or is the real kindness, me pointing out the fact that not only does this person have two broken legs, but that I also seek a way to get them medical help. I cannot, nor will I ever accept any transgender trying to cram their mental issues down my throat. If you are a biological male, born at birth, a male – you will always be a male. It is the same with a female. Any male can dress and act like a woman. But it doesn’t make them a woman. Any female can dress and act like a male, but it doesn’t make them a male. Other people can reenforce their mental issues, and it happens all the time. It is like giving an alcoholic a drink. To enable someone in their addictions, doesn’t help them. It is literally eating at their God given identity. It is desecrating who they really are. Why couldn’t Dylan make it as a male? What were his core issues? See, the underlying issues are never addressed and now, Dylan who identifies as a woman, is exploited as God’s gift to humanity. This should be an outrage, and for many of us it is. But to those who are enabling him in his insanity, it is literally going to destroy him. Dylan feels empowered now. But his empowerment is being reenforced. So, this gives him even more incentive to stay in his “womanhood.” Dylan, you will never be a real woman. You can be a fake woman, for sure. I will give you that. But it isn’t reality. It is your own parallel universe. It is defined as, “(in fantasy or science fiction) a world conceived of as coexisting with and having certain similarities to the known world but different from it in some fundamental way; a separate universe or world that coexists with our known universe but is very different from it.” This is the world you live in, Dylan. You have created your fantasy world, to coexist with the real world. But what makes this so mentally criminal, is the fact that society – some of it – is accepting of it. But not only accepting of it, they demand that those of us who refuse it, to comply with the “new normal,” or else! I am keeping my normal… normal!!!


3 thoughts on “THE REAL KINDNESS!

  1. Could not have said it better myself. In fact, a couple hours ago I was having a similar conversation with my 11 yr old granddaughter who asked me to explain transgender to her.


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