So, there was a SatanCon in Boston last month. Let’s see, there was an unbaptism ceremony; a woman rips up a Bible; Satanic ball; Black Chapel; inflatable dolls; upside down crosses; it was referred to as a, “Witches Night,” and they even have after school clubs. Oh joy! I guess if these same people understood Hell and that Satan literally laughs at their ignorance, perhaps they wouldn’t be so quick to serve him. But he could care less about them. He just wants their souls and their worship. Which is what he has been after since God created humans. But once in Hell, they are his servants for eternity. He won’t seem like such a nice guy then! But, it is their choice, whom they want to serve.

But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 (NIV)

I have nothing to say about the fact that there was a SatanCon. They have a right to hold it, just like Comic-Con and other cons. I wouldn’t even protest it, if one was here in Gettysburg. There again, it is their right. I do have an issue with after school Satanic clubs. But there again, it is the parents right. Allowing ones child to attend such a club, denotes exactly where the parents or guardians are spiritually. I am however, against them using rituals as a disguise for abortion. I am against parents who allow children to attend Drag Shows. Sorry! But it has the same demonic attributes. I am against the mutilation of children by “Gender-Affirming-Care.” Socialists have created a demonic mess and yet they say that it is the MAGA Republicans that are like the Taliban and that we have blood on our hands. I saw a heartbreaking post about a very neglected dog, who hopefully will get better. But the owners were arrested for cruelty to animals. Which they should. But those same parents, could murder an infant right up to the point of birth, and in some states even up to twenty-eight days after birth, and it is legal because it falls under the disguise of “Women’s Rights.” This is our America folks and it is filled with depravity, debauchery and death. Yet, some of those who have been on the bandwagon for WR’s, are now fighting the transgender men, who identify as women, to be allowed in their sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms. It’s really quite ironic…isn’t it! Because it isn’t fair, right? Women are getting beat up, and exposed to male body parts. I absolutely agree this should not be. But neither should abortion! None of it should be happening…period! No male should pretend he is a female. Part of it is, just so he can legally expose himself and see women undress in locker rooms. Part of it is, just so he can let out his male aggression legally on women in sports. I’ll bet most of the transgender men, use this as a way to legally be perverted. It has nothing to do with a mental illness or a dysphoria. COME ON! GET REAL!!! And yet, we are supposed to happily accept it, just like the dog owners getting arrested, while we can butcher a helpless infant. There is no justice for the babies! But thankfully, some states have banned transgender men in sports, and in some areas even female restrooms. So, we are making progress. Some states have banned abortion after a heartbeat is detected, and we must focus on the good as well. Babies are being saved. These are conversations no one should even be having in the first place. There should be no SatanCons, or after school Satan Clubs. There should be no abortions – unless the mother’s life is in danger. If there is no way that the baby can survive, like in cases of an “Ectopic pregnancy,” where the mother will also die without life saving surgery, then yes and abortion is necessary – if that is what even the term would be. This is where I believe Senator Mastriano derailed his campaign for Governor of PA. Ultimately, if abortion issues were to get as far as his desk, according to his campaign, he would not have allowed any leeway for a mother’s survival. This is based on his religious beliefs and it is extreme. I do not think his attendance in D.C. on January 6, 2021 helped him either. I do not believe he was involved with the, “insurrection.” I believe he was there to support President Trump. But, he was at the Capitol Building none the less. Christians are not even supposed to have the appearance of evil. Even if we are not doing anything wrong, we must use wisdom. The possibility for a riot was real. Mastriano will never be able to get that mark off of him, that he was at the Capitol that fateful day in American history. Even some in his own party turned against him because of it. It will always be used against him. The fact that he was there supporting the rightful president, is irrelevant. The fact that he was there supporting his God and his country, is irrelevant. It was NOT God’s will for anyone to breach the Capitol Building. Let’s get something straight. Like it or not, Pelosi was the boss that day. We are to respect those in authority. To force one’s way in the building was not God! Now, it was proven that some were escorted and then arrested later on for it. They were like sheep led to the slaughter. There was a whole lot of ugly going on there. But NO-ONE should have forced themselves inside that building. The protest should have remained peaceful and outside. It should NOT have turned violent for any reason. Many Republicans blew it that day! I am sorry to say that. But it is the truth. Violence was not the answer and what good did it do? Many people died. Trump went through absolute Hell and still is for it. He is blamed for those who breached the Capitol. It gained the Republican party ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It actually sent us backwards. And just because there were those disguised as Republicans…



They played right into Pelosi’s hands! But Mastriano, being himself, he was there to also support his commanding officer and no real soldier would do anything less and the bottom line that is who he is!

But millions in PA didn’t see it that way and they voted against him and this Commonwealth lost dearly! Shapiro is all for transgender men in women’s sports, locker rooms and restrooms. He is all for abortion. He is all for LGBTQ rights. I am not against their rights, unless it involves children and what I have already stated. With the LGBTQ community, a Conservative Christian seems to be their worst nightmare. But it shouldn’t be that way. I don’t have to love the sin. But I am commanded to love and to pray for them. I also refuse to give into to their demands about calling them by their pronouns, or not “misgendering them.” I am not misgendering anyone because I am of a sound mind. I am allowed my rights too! Their rights cannot be forced on me, while my rights make me a “White Supremist,” or a “racist.” It doesn’t work that way!

Moving forward, I think Mastriano should stay in Harrisburg and run again for governor next term. It’s my own personal opinion. Shapiro has already proven his incompetence, in how he mishandled the train derailment up north, in which innocent people are already being tested positive for cancer. Mastriano was there and I believe this is the guy people need to continue to see because he does wear his heart for the people on his sleeve. It is real and Shapiro’s is profoundly robotic. If Mastriano wants to save the Republic, save it where it first started, in Philadelphia. Save it by becoming the next governor and make sure that the historical landmarks and history are kept safe. Tweak the campaign a little and perhaps he will see a different outcome. It is okay to be humble. It is okay to admit something wasn’t quite right the first time around. People need to see a leader with humility, not as a stuffed shirt politician like…well – the Democrats!

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