Having been on life support due to being in full respiratory failure, the one thing I have grown to appreciate more than anything, is being able to take a full breath. There is an expression, “It’s as easy as breathing.” But for many of us, breathing isn’t so easy. When I walk the Gettysburg Battlefields especially in the early morning hours, when the air is crisp and clean and I can take a full breath while walking, I am thankful to be alive.

Then, remembering where I am – thoughts of the Civil War past come crashing down. I cannot help but to think of the soldiers, whether Blue or Gray and their sacrifices for the cause they believed in. On July 3, 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt while dedicating the Eternal Light Peace Memorial on the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg he stated:

All of them we honor, not asking under which flag they fought then,

thankful that they stand together under one flag now.”

On the wall it states: “PEACE ETERNAL IN A NATION UNITED.” The cannons may have long been silent; the fields may have long been free of the saturated blood of both Union and Confederate Soldiers and the peace that was supposed to have been, “eternal” is anything but peaceful. I came across an article in the Gettysburg Times dated June 25, 2020. This article written by Pamela Cooper-White stated: “I want to argue that it’s time to let go of this homage to “the Blue and Gray and its two flag symbol.” She also stated, “It’s time to stop telling a false story of peace by presenting “the Blue and the Gray” as two groups of Americans, equally heroic, equally tragic, now totally reconciled.” Lastly, she stated, “Do we stand in awe before the Peace Light because it represents a genuine hope for a peace that has not yet come, or because it makes us feel good as white people to pretend that the Civil War is over and racism is no more?” This woman is an ordained Episcopal priest and her husband Michael Cooper – White, is President Emeritus of Gettysburg (now united) Lutheran Seminary.

As a white woman, I do not need to pretend that the Civil War is over. It IS over. Racism is still alive because of people like the Cooper-Whites, who constantly bring up this type of garbage and act as if they are innocent. They stir up discord and act as if it is a godly thing to do! Discord is both defined as, “disagreements” and “lack of harmony between notes.” This is what they sound like, out of tune instruments. They cause disagreements between the brethren and there again, act as if it is godly. But please allow me to remind people like them – what the Bible has to say.

A false witness that speaks lies and he that soweth discord among the brethren.”

Proverbs 6:19

According to Proverbs 6:16, these are things the Lord hates and is an abomination to Him. They talk of “White Christianity” as if it’s a real thing. In real Christianity, it is not a real thing. They make it that way due to their own prejudice. Gettysburg is a historical town and if people are not accepting of the fact that both Union and Confederate soldiers fought and died here, then move. Don’t come to a town you know is historical, if it offends you so much. One cannot change the facts of history. Many bring up the slaves in the South yet refuse to acknowledge the slaves of the North. They use the Confederacy as a scapegoat and think that it’s to stop racism or violence. HA! Since the first battle flag was removed, how has the rioting and violence stopped, especially when many Blacks have killed Blacks?

Stop using history as an excuse to be evil. Stop using history as justification for your own racism, under the pretense of being against slavery.

There is no more legalized slavery in America. You bring up something that was abolished. You make it out that we are supposed to apologize for being white because we are dedicated to saving our American history; all the while, purposely forgetting that it was Blacks who sold Blacks into slavery in the first place, from Africa.

You are the same type of people who cry against slavery, but praise abortion – the killing of innocent babies! You are doubleminded and then cry there is no peace. Well – duh!!!

I can assure you, there is more peace out on the Gettysburg Battlefields, then there is in the town. The town welcomes all people of all color and races, Gay or straight. Yet many like to argue that diversity isn’t allowed here due to the nature of its past. If that is the case, then please tell me how a Black woman Mayor was just elected? See, people like to stir up strife just to get attention like the Cooper-Whites. Just recently, Michael Cooper-White went after AGAIN, Senator Mastriano. (My response –

These people cause so much disunity, while crying wolf FOR unity! If you don’t like the history here, don’t come. But like it or not, Gettysburg is a historical town, and it is the history that has made it famous. I am not a racist because I voted for Trump or because I want to stop my American history from being erased. I am a Patriot and proud of my country for how far it has evolved. I am not proud of slavery from either the South or the North. I am proud that people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for equality. Oh! But let’s not go there. It is much easier for some people to whine, bitch, moan and complain about the Confederates, White Supremacy and racism because they love the attention and by making the Patriots look bad, they think it furthers their cause in politics. WHY? Because truly, it is all they’ve got! By pointing fingers at us, it takes from their own racisms.

To the American Patriots, we are taking our country back! To the Cooper-Whites, please do not pray for me – like ever! But far be it for me to sin against God by not praying for your salvation, your REAL salvation!


Juliana Love

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