Facebook removing Doug’s personal page is nothing new. They have done it without cause to many other Conservatives, and it is probably safe to say that other social media platforms will remove him as well. Truly, we can get angry about it but that doesn’t help either. It only gives the Left more power.

We have to approach this from a higher level. Doug Mastriano being a God fearing man – a Christian man who expresses His love for the Lord – is of course, a Conservative. So, we know there will be a war and this should not surprise any of us. I would be concerned if there wasn’t.

My question is, has Doug Mastriano been anointed, “GOVERNOR?” See, King David was anointed “king” long before he ever sat on the throne. Solomon, his son, was anointed king because his brother tried to step in front of him and steal it. David had to fight giants but he prevailed against them. It is the same with Doug. Giants are going to try and stop him because Satan hates what he represents. But we MUST be diligent in our response in saying, “The gates of hell shall not prevail.”

Father God, in the name of Jesus – I lift up not only Douglas Mastriano, but the people of this Pennsylvania Commonwealth, and the unborn babies yet to be conceived that they will have hope of survival against abortion. Father God, we are to call things that be not as though they are. So, I and many more call Douglas Mastriano – Governor of Pennsylvania. I call him, the Republican winner in the upcoming primary and the Governor, in the upcoming election in November. But I ask that if he has not yet been anointed “GOVENOR” that someone will do so in the immediate future, to seal what You have ordained. Father, the giants will come but we are not unaware of their games. They may look bigger than us and more powerful, but if You are for Doug Mastriano becoming the next Governor of Pennsylvania, who can be against him? We know elections have been stolen before that this country is reaping great destruction from. I am asking You Father God, to prevent that from happening in these upcoming elections. I am asking that You turn the hurts toward the Republican votes. I ask you to strengthen and to revive us where needed. If Doug gets weary, I pray for those who will hold up his arms like they did for Moses, as long as his arms were held up, they were winning the battle at hand.” In Jesus Name…Amen

Let’s continue to fight for the freedom of this great Nation. Truly, God is with us and there are more with us then there are with those who continue to seek to destroy it. WE ARE PATRIOTS ARE WE NOT!!!!! The gates of Hell SHALL NOT prevail! Facebook can ban me all they want. My voice – will not be stopped. It may be damaged because truly it is – but I will keep on speaking. Brace yourselves. It’s going to get uglier before it gets beautiful!

Juliana Love

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