There have been so many unexpected deaths lately and the age has ranged from young to old. Diamond, of Diamond and Silk is an absolute heartbreak. She was always so full of life. Her Patriotism shined through like the sun. But many others have also just dropped dead, or collapsed and many are blaming COVID, or the vaccines. First of all, I do not know any of the reasons why so much death is happening. It is possible that COVID and the vaccines are to blame. But also there could be other reasons. So, I am not speculating because I simply cannot calculate. Damar, collapsing on the football field due to cardiac arrest, I think really hit home for everyone who witnessed it. Now, all the sudden praying on the field is accepted. But when Tim Tebow, or that other coach prayed, for them it was a problem. They gained national attention in a bad way, for kneeling in prayer. Yet, other players who took a knee against our National Anthem, were considered heroes. I am truly thankful that Damar survived and is back home to continue healing. But is prayer now allowed on the field, or it is only permitted in a life or death situation? Come on, Y’all. You cannot have it both ways!

Life is precious and we need to understand that. I took the COVID vaccines myself, but not the boosters. I became very sick for three long miserable months after the 2nd vaccine. Then got COVID several months later. Grant it, it was not as severe as some cases I heard of. But the vaccines didn’t stop me from getting it. What was in them? I have no idea. But I simply had to trust that they would help me and not hurt me. They actually did both. But thankfully and hopefully it is the end of any adverse reaction.

One…there again. Life is precious. There are now kids identifying as cats, demons or some kind of other creature. They are not a boy or a girl, male or a female. They are non binary. On the Shutter Health website, it defines non binary as:

Within the United States, and much of the world, it is the cultural norm to classify people as male or female – this is called the gender binary. Many individuals have a gender identity that does not fit within this binary, and use the umbrella term non-binary.

Someone who is non-binary does not identify as exclusively male or female. They may identify as both, neither, or some combination of the two. For example, someone who identifies as non-binary may feel more masculine on some days and more feminine on other days. Their gender expression, the way they present themselves (including clothing choices), may fluctuate – or they may choose to dress more androgynously.

It is important to know that being non-binary is completely normal!

WHAT? Completely normal? I was a “tomboy” as a teenager. But I maintained the fact that I was still a female. I was just heavily involved in sports. It didn’t mean because I was tomboyish that I was a boy. There is NOTHING NORMAL about being “non binary.” I wonder how the police feel when they pull someone ever and their “gender” changed from their license.

Oh! I am sorry, officer. I do not identify with the picture on my license today. I was a female when that picture was taken. But now, I identify as a male. Or wait! Maybe I am half and half. Or better yet officer, I am a cat and well, you know you cannot arrest a feline. Meow!”

WTHELL IS THIS CRAP!!! It is called, “MENTAL ILLNESS” and it is running rampant. It is a dangerous wild fire that is burning the minds of millions. Where the hell are the parents, who allow this child neglect and abuse? Well again, the answer is simple. Parents were being carted off to jail for spanking and discipling their kids. They were threatened to have them taken and many were. Kids were sent into a foster system that left them broken and in many cases abused even more. So now, discipline for many, doesn’t exist. This is the broken system that must be fixed! A six year old child shot his teacher. A twelve year old girl stabbed her nine year old brother and killed him. Something is terribly wrong. I don’t even know how to shoot a gun but a six year old does? How did he get his hands on it? Will the parents be held accountable? We have to go back to the break down, fix that which is broken and proceed forward. But to continue on the way we as a nation have gone, is absolute destruction to generations now and in the future. To identify as a cat with the need to help “wipe yourself” by giving a different meow signal, is simply deranged. You belong in a mental institution, until you can get your mind back to a normal thought process. But the problem is, people are calling this behavior normal. So it is accepted. It is derangement of one’s mental capacities. My friend Kathy posted the video from Terrance K. Williams. It’s UNREAL!!! But to this girl, it is her life. It also seems like there are multiple sex partners. I guess that is the way of the animal kingdom. But it shouldn’t be the way of the human kingdom. It is a very sad state of affairs to witness this type of decline in one’s mental health, with a society that considers it normal. But society thought it best to remove God. Is He allowed back now – especially on the football field? Is it now socially acceptable to pray in public, or just in emergency situations? I will pray wherever, and whenever I damn well please! You don’t get to decide that for me. I hope the NFL stops kneeling for the flag, and keeps kneeling for the Lord! The whole world watched, and the whole world was touched!!! Maybe this is a bright new beginning after all!

Till next time,


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