Soon, I am going to start adding podcasts to my site. Some people don’t like to read blogs and I am missing a very big audience. So, the Lord is leading me to branch out. I am working on it. But till then, I am still only blogging. So, let’s get to it!

So, Harris. Your latest comment about how if a baby survives an abortion, and they get medical attention to help them live, it goes against women’s reproductive rights. Kamala, listen up!!! You are against slavery, right? But you are not against the unborn and babies who survive abortion having any rights, and therefore they are treated like slaves. Ladies, if you do not want to get pregnant, keep your damn legs shut! STOP using abortion as a means of birth control!!! But some women thrive on abortion. They feel “empowered” by killing another human life. Why? Because it gives them control. Empowered is defined as: “make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights; the authority or power to do something.” These women cannot feel confident on their own merits. So, abortion gives them the high and the power they lack in their own self-esteem and self-worth. But let’s talk about what Harris said. According to her, giving a baby who survives an abortion medical attention to help that baby survive, goes against the reproductive rights of women. Yet, if that same baby was born and brought home to his or her family and someone off the street breaks into their home and kills that same baby, the person would be charged with murder. But leaving a helpless infant on a table alone to die, is considered, “women’s rights!” We cannot be cruel to animals or even kill an eagle’s egg without being arrested. But we can sure murder a helpless infant!

Moving on. The airline industry was at a standstill yesterday for a few hours. Whales are washing up on beaches. Gas stoves are all the sudden trying to be outlawed by the Obama administration. It’s not a joke me saying Obama. Lately when I have been trying to talk about Biden, I unintentionally interject Obama. Why? Because they are are one. What Obama could not accomplish in his administration, he is working through Biden to get accomplished. Biden is a puppet on Obama and Pelosi’s strings. The man doesn’t think for himself. He is too demonically far gone. His brain is deteriorating because he chose to allow Satan to overtake him. What the four I just mentioned clearly do not understand, is that there is a Hell that is waiting for them. They think they will never be judged by Almighty God.

You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’

But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.” Revelation 3:17 (NIV)

They also do not understand that God will in fact, judge them. They are deceived by their own choice. They allowed Satan to overtake them and the devil is the one who is calling the shots. They are accomplishing Satan’s will by their own doing. Almighty God, chose America to be a nation after His own heart. Yet here we are, fighting the same tyranny that our Founding Fathers and the Continental Army fought to free us from.

The sadistic part, we are not fighting other countries. We are fighting against the domestic terrorism at the White House and at the Capitol Building, in our own country. We are fighting tyranny, “cruel and oppressive government or rule,” that soldiers died to stop. But human life, is not something these people care about. The ONLY lives they care about are their own, and those in their circle. Money, power, pride and greed became their gods and they all think that they are invincible, “too powerful to be defeated or overcome.” They actually think they are too powerful to be overcome, or defeated. But did not Satan also think this way when he thought he killed Jesus? The simple fact is, he did not kill Him. Our Lord laid down His life. But also, Father God raised Him from the dead and therefore overcame and defeated the devil. Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Harris are working for a defeated devil. They will ultimately lose. If they do not repent and accept the Lord Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, they will be sent on a one way ticket to Hell. If any human understood Hell, they would not act like Satan. See, even some witches think they will get to rule and reign with the devil in the afterlife. It isn’t so. Satan HATES the human race and he laughs at those who willingly serve him. Here we have Obama/Biden with open borders, bringing in enough fentanyl to actually kill millions of innocent Americans, and Biden visits the border. Wow! After two years of being in office. But it was just for show and nothing more.

Oh and let’s talk about them wanting to get rid of gas stoves. Say what? Oh! I guess this is part of the going Green thing. You know, like AOC and her cows. So, let’s make everything go electric. Here in PA when the wind chill was -17 we were told to, “conserve energy.” People went days without electricity. In Texas, when they had that deep freeze, people froze to death because the electric grids locked up. It is my understanding that gas stoves do not require as much voltage as an electric stove. But let’s do away with the gas ones and make us use all electric. THIS KNOWING, the grids will be overloaded in the wintertime; and THIS KNOWING, it will put lives at risk; and THIS KNOWING, it WILL cause certain death! We must look out for our own lives, our families and the lives of those who are helpless. We must use wisdom. If that means stocking up on water, food, blankets etc., then so be it. We must do what ants do. They prepare in the summer for the winter. We have to stop being so dependent on technology. Why? Because the powers at be, can take it away and they are actively working on it. They want us to become dependent on them. This is the grand opening of Socialism. They want to take away our homes and put us in communes. They want us to live according to THEIR wills. In all actuality, they want to make us slaves. Is ironic that the very thing they claim they are vehemently against, they are trying to create. They want to control us. They want to take our hard earned money and share it with those who can work, but who refuse to work. This is part of the problem with welfare. But they want to do this on a much grander scale. They want China, and Bill Gates to buy up all the available land in America. Thankfully some states have started to put a stop it to. Land is the most precious commodity anyone can ever own. Its value is priceless. One can go off the grid if need be and not just survive, but thrive. It is a form of protection from a dangerous government in and of itself.

What the Obama/Biden Administration has done, is indescribably demonic. They have blown through this country like an F5 hurricane, without any remorse for the damage they have imposed upon innocent people. This is as horrific as Dr. Levine in Pennsylvania, ordering COVID infected patients back into nursing homes, infecting other patients – resulting in 1,000’s of deaths – no murders! But yet, Dr. Levine saved her own mother. Senator Mastriano was the only politician in PA that stood up to her, by demanding she resign.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice:

but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2 (KJV)

I do not know how much longer we will have to mourn the wickedness. I do know that we cannot sit idly by and continue to watch it happen. Thankfully, the Republicans won the House of Representatives and Pelosi’s reign of terror is now stopped. She continues to run her mouth. But she no longer holds the gavel! I would have loved to have seen Jim Jordan as the new speaker. But we have McCarthy, and only time will tell if he will uphold what is best for the American people.

The Obama/Biden Administration cares NOTHING for the American dream, or the American people. They do not care about the unborn; the born who survive an abortion; nor do they care about nature or marine life. They care about their own ill gotten gains. They made Satan their boss and he calls the shots through them, to get his will done. What is the devil’s will? It is to:

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” John 10:10 (NIV)

We are dealing with thieves who are doing exactly what that scripture says. They are stealing, killing and destroying. We wake up almost everyday with something new that they are trying to destroy. It shouldn’t surprise us because of who is in leadership. They are only mimicking their father the devil. But we are faced with their tyranny everyday we wake up as well. So, we have to deal with it. Other helpless people depend upon us to deal with it; to be a voice where they feel they have none. I hope and pray that God will broaden the ways He will use me, to help the American people, deal with it. I cannot say how long it will take to get better. But we can rejoice in the small victories we see along the way, to restoration. God will bring this country back to Him. I am 100 percent convinced of that. But like the Founding Fathers and the Continental Army, we have to fight to take it back with the knowing that He is with us! We MUST stand up for those who are too afraid. We MUST look out for the homeless, the helpless and the elderly – especially during the winter months. The Obama/Biden Administration DOES NOT CARE! So stop expecting them to. They work for Satan. So, stop expecting demons to care about you. Turn your attention to the Lord and understand that He is love. He does care. He will help us. So stop blaming God for what is wrong in America. This is all Satan and the work of his employees! We the People, must stand and be as brave as our founding!!! The hell with the Obama/Biden Administration. The hell with Harris and her filth of “women’s rights!” Once again ladies, if you don’t want to risk getting pregnant, keep your damn legs shut until you do! STOP USING ABORTION AS BIRTH CONTROL. It does not empower you. It distorts you! Oh and just in case you missed it, here is my blog on the whole identity thing.

In HIS service,

Juliana Love

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